Monday, May 12, 2008


I really need goals in my life. If I don't have something to focus on it's hard for me to get motivated.
I had a little trouble getting my heart back into the game this week. Especially with swimming. I had been so obsessed with the 500 yard pool swim in the sprint tri last week. My workouts were very specific to that kind of swimming. It was different than open water preparation. Once Polarbear ended, I had the attitude "oh...I can miss a swim. What difference will it make?" You see, I have to travel 30 min to the pool and then I only have 30 min to swim unless my husband agrees to go in to work late. Sometimes it just doesn't seem worth it. That said, I didn't miss my swims. I went and I tried to motor through 3x1000. Not my favorite workout. But I know those types of swims must be done. There are no more sprint 500s in the pool until Fall. sigh....
So it is time for a new goal. My workouts will suffer if I didn't find another thing to focus on. My next race is Mooseman Olympic Tri in early June. It's in New Hampshire. I've never been to this race but I know a lot of people love it. My problem is that my family won't be there. I really never race without Mark nearby. I hope I can still push myself without his quiet support on the course. (actually, he's not quiet. I just rarely See him while out there but I know he's there routing for me.) I think I can do it. I'll just think of him at home. The other thing that will be different about this race is that I won't really know any of my competitors. I am going with a few friends which is awesome, but they aren't my competitors per se. At least Mary is not. She is my friend and I would most like for us to race the course side by side. That would be cool. I would like for us to push each other that way.
When I get excited for races while training I envision myself catching the girls I want to beat. I visualize myself passing them and winning the race. ( I may not have a chance of Actually Winning but I like to pretend to get fired up.) I can't picture any of those girls girls in N.H. This is a new place for me and I have to learn to get psyched to race the unknown.

I had a strong week of training. I actually logged more miles/hours than I have all season. I think I biked about 120 miles, ran 31 and swim 6500. I dont' feel beat up either. I feel strong and ready to continue on this week. Today is a rest day. I don't really like rest days. But, I do need to follow the rules and listen to coach.
Yesterday I had a fun but challenging 50 mi bike ride. It was my longest of the season. I felt pretty good through the whole ride. However, the course was tough. I went up over Streaked Mtn to start the day. After descending the other side I headed into Turner on a newly paved road. That was amazing. You see, last year I headed out on that same route to find rte 117 TORN UP to shreds. I suffered through about 7 miles of bumpy rocky deep sand and rocks. It was awful. I finally got to route 4 which is busy but there are nice wide shoulders and no hills. But there was big wind yesterday. I was riding into the wind and could barely get over 15 mph. The final turn onto route 219 was satisfying but the toughest part of the day. I was on my way home but to get there I had to climb uphill (BIG hills) for about 12 miles. No joke. I thought I'd never ever stop climbing. I just had to keep pedaling away under 10 mph for a long long time. I was desperate to get home after a while. I just really started missing the family.
I finally got in the driveway ready to change for my run and was sad that the boys and Mark weren't home. I headed out for my 4 mile run. I felt good but a bit heavy. I need to do more transition runs. This is my weakness right now I think. I felt it during the race last week for sure.
After 3 1/2 hours I was home with my guys. We had a big lobster feast for Mother's day and then we watched old movies of the boys as babies. Wow...a walk down memory lane. The boys loved seeing themselves and it was a stunning reminder to us how fast they grow up.
My kids made me beautiful homemade cards too. They are my favorite. Here's my favorite line from the day. This is what my 8 year old wrote to me: "Who could have a better Mother? and on the inside:
"I love you to the end of the universe and back! and the universe is always getting bigger! smiley face, heart. "
Isn't that the sweetest thing!? It was very touching to me. After a week of eye rolling and very bad choices made by him, it made everything seem ok again.
It was a good day.

And I must say! Congrats to Iron Matron Mary who Rocked her first race of the year!!!!


BreeWee said...

I LOVE that card... doesn't it make everything better in life to know we are loved and appreciated!

GET some goals, I am so with you! Get them, post them on the mirror & fridge and then don't let your mind get in the way of chasing them!

Rootin' for you!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet card!! My boys still like to watch video of when they were little :)