Sunday, May 18, 2008


First off, I want to say a big thank you to all those who posted such thoughtfull comments on my last entry. It really does mean a lot that you all take the time and energy to give me words of encouragement. I took it all to heart. And, I am feeling Much better now. I had a super 10 mile run with my hubby yesterday and went 4 minutes faster on a coarse I do all the time. Yeah!

Comparisons.....that is my thought of the day. It can really drive you crazy can't it!!! I love hearing about other people's training. I learn from it. I am motivated by it. However, sometimes I feel that I get too worried about it.
For example, I have a friend in his 2nd year of triathlon. Last year he did 2 races. He's really very new to the world of competition as a whole. He is diving in head first. I am proud of him. He's doing very well. But I can NOT Believe how much he is training. He does have a flexible job which helps. He also has 2 small kids and is married so I know he has lots of family obligations as well. But time doesn't seem to affect him as much as it does me. But that is not really the point. I focus on the actually workouts.
He goes for hours and hours each and everyday!!! It's amazing. It's mind boggling. I do wonder if it's worth it sometimes....or effective....or if I am missing the boat somehow.

I know I am working very hard too. I trust my coach. Then why do I constantly question things?
Am I doing enough?
Should I bike longer?
Should I run more often?
Is my swimming improving?
Is a day off ok?
It all comes down to this question, "IS IT ENOUGH??"

Triathletes seem to thrive on quantity. More mileage. More hours. More workouts/week. We love our log books don't we? The bigger the numbers the better we feel.

My coach focuses on specificity. He gives me workouts that might not be super huge but they target certain areas. Sustained speed, hill power, and yes, long aerobic swims, bikes, and runs to name a few.

But when I hear about the multiple century rides MONTHS before a Half Iron.....It makes me nuts. I am NOT doing this! Is that Bad?
Again, gotta trust my coach.
How do you know which program is right for you? Is it trial and error over the years? I'm only in year 2 (three, but the first was kind of a whim) so I don't have much to go on. Last year was successful. But could I be better?

I spend a lot of time thinking about this sort of thing. It's a little overwhelming to a newbie like me I must say.

I want to stop comparing but is that possible?

Does anyone else do this?

And yes, in case you were wondering, I am officially obsessed with this sport. :)


GetBackJoJo said...

EXACTLY. It's really hard to believe you're doing it right when everyone appears to be doing something different--especially if that different is more and longer!

I think you should just look at your improvement over the last three years since you began this thing--. That improvement should set your mind at ease a bit! Also, check out his performance at the end of the summer. If he improves by leaps and bounds, well, then we have something to think about--. If he burns out or gets injured or just plain doesn't improve as much as his effort should indicate, well, then, we'll also have something to think about!
You aredoing a ton. I have faith that what you're doing is just right!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to put your training and racing in someone else's hands! Everyone else is probably over training. Trust your Coach and good things will come!

Anonymous said...

I try not to, but I do compare myself with others. I always worry that more is better, but I'm finding out that isn't always true.

You're doing great, Ange!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

First off, I laughed because I second guess all the time, and to boot I have Heather Gollnick as my coach and she should know! However, nothing compare to intensity versus quantity. You already know you can workout for 5.5 hours right? So to race faster go faster - or its something of that version she always reminds me! I thought of you last week as I have been busy working away on a web forum for speech paths among others... would love your input when we start our focus groups!

Michelle said...

Holy cats! I think you just summarized the majority of us crazy, slightly obsessive-compulsive triathletes! I have a sneakin' suspiscion you are on the right track. You probably know it too. Don't second-guess yourself!

Jerome Harrison said...

I think it is normal to wonder if you are doing "all that you can" to be your best. Regardless, trust your coach and the process and it will all come together! I think BLOGLAND has made this situation a little tougher b/c we all read what others are doing and it is out of control sometimes because it varies from beginners to PROs..and there are NO filters! :) Just have faith in your process. To answer your question on my blog: For races that are not my "A" races, I do look to work on some of the areas that needed help from my past races. For my race this past weekend, I really wanted to run well and transition, I did focus on those 2 things but not taking the focus on the overall pic & my overall goal. :) Goodluck! Jen H.

mjcaron said...

Hi Ang, sorry to say but I'll bet that guy is going to burn out. He's probably thiking of the song that goes, "better to burn out than fade away".. Not sure I buy this completely. :) Seriously though. Over the long haul if you want to last a long time I believe we have to "pace" our bodies. Meaning, don't beat them up to much. Apreciate what your body has done for you. A friend of mine who once had a watermelon sized tumor removed from her abdomen said "I will never critize my body for not doing what I want it to do after what it went through". I think about that a lot and try to apreciate all that I CAN do. And still, of course try to kick some ass along the way, of course!

Judi said...

You have a coach that you pay to tell you what work outs to do. Guess you have to trust your coach, right?

I don't have a coach but I follow an online half IM schedule though I do more than it tells me to sometimes. I am in year 2 of triathlon.

BreeWee said...

What you are feeling is SO normal and it is only because you care! Care about your sport & reaching your goals.

Okay, I used to deal with this BIG time... especially when I got my coach! I train WAY less now that I have my coach, actually until today I (my biggest ever in my life workout) I did train way less than my peers and team mates... BUT you know what, your coach knows you best and what you need. I am finding that if you trust him fully you will only get better... Once I started to trust in my plan (how little I trained) I made gains. I never added to what he said and it has kept me injury free too. NOW you can always ask your coach if you can bump up the training and if he agrees make the jump!
Best of luck to you... I love your posts, they are so easy to relate too!