Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fired Up!!!

Time to get this party started. I'm off in a bit to pick up my race packet for my first race of the season. The Polar Bear Sprint! I'm psyched. I've wanted to race this for a couple years now. I would have done it last year but my shoulder was just let out a few weeks earlier and I think I'd swum about 800 painful yards with it at that point.

I'm so so nervous. It's the first race of the season. It's my first pool race in a triathlon. I think I'll Love that part. It'll feel like a swim meet to me. I never thought I'd have that feeling again. I am dying to find out what wave, what lane and who my lane partner is going to be! It would be fun if it was my brother. He'd kick my butt though and that wouldn't be so fun.

I have never gone sans socks in a race, but I'm thinking about it. I want to be fast in T1 and T2 for that matter. The problem is the cold. It's probably going to be high 30s low 40s that morning. I don't want my already problematic feet to be more of a mess. ( toes swelled periodically throughout the winter and my doc thinks I had a "cold injury." Whatever that is. I had blood work and xrays to rule out other stuff so this is what they've come up with.) Anyway, I don't know what to do on that one. I also have hopes that I can leave my bike shoes clipped onto the bike and just go like that. AGain, I'm not sure I can swing htat. I think I'd make a complete fool of myself and fall or something like that.
I also dont' know what to wear post-swim. I'll wear tri shorts and an underarmour tank for the swim I think. Should I put a jacket on to bike if it's cold? Or, are arm warmers enough? I dont' know how to decide these things.
So, I have a lot of thinking and prepping to do.

I'm mostly just excited to get out there and enjoy the competition again. I get so nervous but once the gun goes off, it's just fun fun fun to race. I hope all this hard work will pay off.


Pam said...

good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Go, go, go! Have fun! I would go with the socks. I did a race two weeks about with those same temps and opted for toes thanked me on the run.

I can't wait to read your race report!

IronMatron said...

I'd go for the jacket or a long sleeved shirt because I would worry that arm warmers would take too long to get on. Socks? I wouldn't b/c the race is so short-but I haven't had the probs. with feet that you have had. As for getting into shoes that are clipped in--oh boy! I want to do that too, but I think I'm far off from being able to!
I can just hear the energy, nervousness and excitement in your post. You are going to do fantastic and I can't wait to hear every detail! I'm sending every fast vibe I have your way...

BreeWee said...

ANGE!Have so much FUN in your first race of the season... I think we are racing completely opposite temperatures by the sound of your race "Polar Bear Sprint"!! Stay warm and good luck! Hope those T1 & T2's are speedy too!
Can't wait to hear how it goes... I dare you to race in your swim suit- ha ha ha ha, I think I would wear the wetsuit even on the bike!

Marni said...

Good luck!!! This is just the start to a great season! Enjoy it!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Good luck! I am sure you will do great - post the results. And kick some tri but! Also, how was your vacation to DC