Friday, September 12, 2008


After spinning myself into a knot all week with all my motherly duties I was lucky enough to be forced to stop and take a look around me.
A few weeks ago I agreed to chaperone my son Tommy's class to the fair. He is in 1st grade. As the date approached, I regretted this big time. What had I done? My Wednesday. I gave up 5 hrs of 'me' time to walk around the fair with 6 year olds. What on earth would we do there for all those hours!? I did feel very happy that I could be there with Tommy. It is rare that I get one on one parent time with him because he is my middle boy. That said, I needed that time. I am sinking into a black hole at home.
Wednesday came. The morning rush was worse than ever. These contractors just laugh at me each day. I kind of like that they are seeing what Moms everywhere are doing each morning after they leave home. (And Dads too...I know some Dads are home with kids too.:o) love that by the way) I was out of the house by 8:00 after a great 7 mile run pre-dawn. Nick was off to preschool, the big boys to their school, and I headed to the grocery store to grab a few things before meeting the bus at the fairgrounds. Still wishing I had those hours.....
The next thing I knew the bus was pulling in and there was Tommy's little round face highlighted by his blue sweatshirt. He was squished to the windown with his hands
around his face. He saw me there and his smile was amazing. This kid's enthusiasm and spirit have always been larger than life. He didn't let me down. My heart melted. He was happy I was there.
I had 3 kids with me and they were wonderful. The little girl held my hand the whole time as did Tommy. They were overjoyed by the softness of the bunnies, the big fat stinky pooping cows, the sheep with racing shirts on, the goat that escaped.
I was forced to stop. To look. To teach. To smile. To breath. These kids were so excited by these simple little animals. Tommy was so so happy that I was there. My heart melted about that over and over all day. He is a 6 year old boy. I am guessing that when he is 12 it might not be the same. I am savoring all the hugs and hand holding I get now.
I told him that this was the best day of my week. I told him how happy I was that I wasn't at home doign all my "jobs." His face smirked like it does when he's proud. Success.

On a Triathlon note! I Race TOMORROW!!!
Yowza. This race has NOT been on my mind. I have big goals...primarily go faster than last year. But I mostly want to have fun and feel good. I haven't been training for this one specifically. I' took a break after Timberman and now I'm getting ready to gear up for Clearwater. This is a race with lots of friends, in a town close to my heart, and in the Maine ocean. It was 38 when I got up yesterday!! Brrr. Did you know that Mary? Yup, it's been COLD!

Time to go, little Nick just crawled on my lap, Cam asked for his homework and TOmmy asked
if he could put his rain boots on so he can run in the mud.....5" before we go to school. Ahh boys. :o) Gotta love 'em.

p.s. In case I sound like I've got my head together again...get this one. I just searched all over my house; dirty laundry, clean laundry, boy's drawers, my drawers, under beds for my black shorts. I couldn't imagine where they went. Guess where I found them? On me. Scary!


Pedergraham said...

Glad you are feeling better. Children are THE BEST! Good luck this weekend and have fun.

IronMatron said...

Oh! That passage about Tommy made me tear up!
38 is cold. Yikes. Not sure I'm mentally prepared for that! But I'm ready to SUFFER. haha. Just got off the phone with Jen!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Isn't that so funny when non-parents observe you running around like a chicken with your head cut off? I get funny looks all the time

rebecca said...

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there Super are doing great!