Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I have some personal goals. They are not all triathlon focused. Not even close really. Some of these goals have always been there but I am writing them down to drill them into my head. Time to get serious here.

  1. Stop, count to 10, and exert more anger management with....my contractor. He didn't show up Again today. This is after a week vacation. He didn't call. what is up with people. Basic manners folks. Basic. However, I am going to choose, as of now, to be More excited about the final result at our "new house" instead of my day to day annoyance, frustration, anger, disgust with what's going on around me. Phew. There. Done. no more Anger!

  2. I will try to stop eating when I am not hungry!! Why do I do this? I eat just because I want to try a new snack. It could be the healthiest snack in South Paris, ME but if I'm not hungry, why am I eating it?? I do this all the time.

  3. Break 4:45 in my Half Ironman at Worlds. I had to throw a tri goal in there.

  4. Drop my swim times down--I am talking about my times in the pool while training. I only race in teh open water these days (except rare pool triathlons) but I want to swim fast in teh pool again. I used to swim fast. I used to swim 5000+ yards twice/day, six days/week. I could swim butterfly for entire workotus. I could do 100s on 1:10 intervals. I could do 200s on 2:20 intervals. I do not wonder what happened. 15 years out of the water happened. Three babies. A Shoulder surgery. Blah blah blah. I'm over that. I want to swim fast again. Maybe not 1:10 100 intervals but maybe I can hit the wall at 1:05 again? Please? Maybe I can hit the wall in a 200 at 2:20 or faster? I'm going to try I tell ya....Just to make myself feel better.

  5. I am going to drop the vacuum (see above note of frustrations with contractors), ignore the laundry piles, and ignore the dishes and play, I mean PLAY with my boys more. This is a big one. I think about this a lot. I am with my kids all the time. If they are not at school, they are with me. I love this about my life. I really really love being a stay home Mom with them. I wouldn't trade it for the world. People (one in particular actually) ask me All the Time if I am bored. Are you kidding? I am the Mother of 3 boys! I am really never bored. Tired, yes. Overwhelmed, yes. Did I say tired? But, you know what, I am damned lucky and I do know it. They are fantastic children. Sure, I'm biased. But I adore these little people and they bring me more joy than anything in my whole world. I snuggled with Nick today. He said to me, "I love the days that we snuggle Mommy." Ok, can't beat that! I rode bikes with them. I played 2 on 2 basketball yesterdya and their faces were lit with joy the whole time. Priceless. I need to do this more. THIS is a priority. Life is too short and as my Husband's 99 yr old Grandmother once told me, "no one is goign to remember you for your clean house." oh how true.

  6. I will work super hard on my bike workouts. I will make it hurt, even on my 50 mi rides around the county. I need to learn to hurt on the bike. Just like Mary said. I am still learning how to do this.

  7. Goals: I'm going to be frightningly specific here. Clearwater is coming. I have to get real. Swim: 27:30 Bike: 2:35 ( I only dare say this because I know it's flat) Run: 1:35 I need to hold it together on the run this time. No quad trauma this time. I hope I'm preparing adequately!

  8. Finally, I will savor the moment. I promise. I will enjoy the run in the fall air, I will enjoy sweating to death on my trainer in my living room, I will enjoy the spontaneous hug from my 6 y.o., I will appreciate all that I have and stop stressing over the things that are making each day tough.


The Lazy Triathlete said...

If you focus on #8, the rest will start to fall into place. Put that energy in the right areas.

Good luck in Clearwater.

Marni said...

I love those goals! I will be sure to cheer for you at worlds to geet your goals!

Anonymous said...

I love this post and your goals. It made me smile and feel motivated!

You are such a great mom - those adorable little boys are lucky :)

I love what your grandmother said...made me feel less guilty about not being a perfect housekeeper!

I'm excited for you and your triathlon goals. I know you will work hard and do great!!

Society of Women Engineers said...

You must be my unknown twin sister. I can identify with all your goals, although my swim standards might be a little slower.

LG said...

great great post! print this out and put it on your fridgerator & bathroom mirror!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Great goals - go get in Clearwater - you are going o be zooming!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Ange! I am glad you put your goals out there- good for you! Why not, right? Oh yeah!!! And, just b/c you asked...I would never NOT travel w/ my bike...I could tell you stories of friends and other athletes NEVER getting their bikes b/c they shipped it - so, travel WITH the bike and ship it home is what I do after the big ones. We travel w/ our bikes a TON and never have any issues. The key now: Stay below the limit weight - for most airlines that is 50lbs. And, Delta is a total MESS so avoid Delta. Good luck w/ that! Jen H. :)

IronMatron said...

so with you here. Except on the time goals--those are unique to you!! :) but that the whole I will not vaccuum or clean b/c it is in vain??? yes, exactly. haha! loved what your 99 year old grandmother said. I will remember that.
I need to savor too. We are moving so fast it's very hard to stay still and focus on the moment.

Swimming for ME said...

okay but what did we do 100's on in HS?

When you said 1:10 i thought you meant the actual time not the interval... but you mean the interval!! yikes!! I would be psyched to do 100's on a 1:30 interval and hold them on 1:10, but our coach has us trying to drop the interval as much as possible so sometimes it just turns into a continuous swim.