Monday, September 29, 2008

The Shower-A Thank you-And another Question!

Am I the only one out there who feels like she either has too many or too few showers each day? I just can't seem to get this one right. Gone are the days that I wake up, hop in the comforting hot water, and go about my day clean and fresh. Hello days of sweaty hair pulled back into a ponytail so I can drop the kids at school. Hello chlorine smelling Mom adorned with goggle marks under the eyes. I usually get up early, start the day with a nice long run or swim, and then I do the quick change and freshen up sans hot water to go about the day until the next workout arrives. Some days I have to shower after the first workout, I just have to. I'm too gross and my day requires me to be a bit more presentable. So, I have to shower twice those days! I seem to spend a lot of energy trying to figure out when I will get to have my final shower of the day. Today, it was 6 p.m. This seems a bit backwards. But hey, it's an easy sacrifice to be a triathlete.

A huge thank you to everyone for all your great nutritional advice. I've restocked the cupboards and an motivated to do better for myself. I have some new yummy breads, crackers, and meal ideas.

Finally, my question. Travelling with the bike. I think I might be more nervous about this than I am the actual race at Clearwater. How sad is that?!!
I have a great friend who has offerred me her bike box. Yeah! That's great. Step 1. Now, what next. I have reservations to get from Maine to FL on USAirways. It is not a direct flight. One of the planes is a regional jet (the smaller ones) and the other is a Boeing 737 I think. A big one anyway. I have been told that you aren't guaranteed that you can gate check on any plane. Some let you, some don't. I do NOT want to check the bike in baggage. No way. I've lost my luggage before and I can't risk this. So......I have been advised to ship it FedEx. This trip is going to cost a million $$$!! Geez.
Any advice? How do you guys do this ?It all makes me very nervous.

A quick training update:
I'm feeling strong. I've been able to fit it ~3 swim workouts/week which is a bonus and am up to ~10, 000 yards/week. This is about 6000 MOre than usual. I feel more comfortable and natural in the water each time I go. I am bikign well and feel decent on the roads. I have noticed that I have really turned into an endurance athlete. I feel fairly fast at times. I can pour it on if I need to. But, when I run or bike or swim even, I feel stronger and more solid as the miles go by. It's a cool feeling. I think it's progress since I have an IM on the horizon.


BreeWee said...

OOOH.... sweet that your swimming is feeling good and you upped the volume :)

OF COURSE I will be there running down Alii Drive in my undies! It is so much fun, kinda gross seeing some of the harry bums and fur patches, but I will be there! I tried to fit my bum in Kainoa's diaper but I can't pull it off, that would have been stellar!

Happy swimming, we would love to have you! The guys are great fun! (even if they are in dorky speedos!)

The Lazy Triathlete said...

I can't help you with the traveling with the bike. I have either driven or pass it on to some one who was driving to take with them. However, I found the right number of showers per day for me. It is 2. When I wake up in the morning, I take a shower and then go work out. The hot water refreshes and awakens me. Then I shower immediately following my workout (usually cold water). Then I am on my day.

Kona Shelley said...

I have traveled with my bike many many many times. I would first call your airline to make sure they can take it, from there take it with you to the airport, check it in, pay for it..yes they charge for that too, then they take care of the rest. I've personally never had a problem, and have flown with it countless times. each their of luck!!!

Marni said...

You will be fine with traveling with your bike. The less changes in flights the better so it may be worth it to pay for a direct flight.
here is a video on packing your bike if you need some help...
(thanks to karel and Kate's bike :).
Love the new pic on your blog!

KP said...

Angela, I have flown with a bike AT LEAST 75 times, and I never have issues (other than the cost).

Go to Portland Jetport, check it, pay stupid fee (smile and maybe it will be less), pick it up on the other end...If you are using a Triall3Sport "box" make sure your rental is big enough to get that sucker in there.

Have fun in Clearwater, Scientolgy Capital of the world.