Thursday, September 18, 2008

Race Report #7 A great day on the Coast

This past Saturday was my final tri in Maine this summer. It was a great day. Great friends, great location, great performance. I am so happy with this race. I had considered skipping Lobsterman this year. After completing Timberman, I was tired. My head was tired of racing. I had qualified for Worlds, accepted my spot, and thought I needed to cool it for a while so I coudl be totally fired up for NOvember 8th.
After talking it over and thinking it over, I realized that I would be more upset if I didn't do the race.
The Lobsterman Tri is held in Freeport, Maine. Freeport is like a 2nd home to me. My Grandparents lived there, my parents live there, and our family's cottage is there. I spent a lot of time in freeport as a child and continue to vacation there now with my family. I would hate to miss a chance to race in this beautiful town.
In addition to that, so many great friends were going to be there. It is the last big race of the season in Maine. I just couldn't miss it.

The week before the race was tough for me. I was dead tired. I had migraines all week. I was overwhelmed with a few things in my life. My head was Not on the race. It's an hour drive from home to Freeport and I had to stop Twice on the way, with my kids in the car, to nap!!! Not good.

Things changed from that point on. I got to packet pickup and immediately felt the race pulse. My friends were all around. I got my new spare tire set up on my bike and was ready to go. ( now racing with tubulars so I had to get some new things...and a lesson!)
I headed to the cottage and met up with Mark and my parents. Mom and Dad made us an awesome dinner and then left with the kids. Ahhh...peace. We had a fire in the place and the amazing ocean air kicked in. It's therapeutic for me. Truly. I went to bed early, slept like a log and woke up feeling 100%. I was cured. The cottage did it again. Thanks Grammie and Grampa. We will cherish this place forever.

Now onto the race. I got there early again and enjoyed a relaxing pace for myself. I could set up my transition without any distractions and then I could enjoy socializing for a while before the race. I headed out for a ride. All was good. I felt fine. The bike felt fast...
POP!!!!!!! What the heck?????
I had a FLAT!!! I almost died. I walked back about 1/2 mile and found my faithful bike mechanic friends. Thank god I had that spare. But, now that was it for the race. If I flatted again, I was out.
Ok, regroup. No big deal. I went on with my routine. Next thing I knew, I had lost my cap!! Oh come on! What else?? I back tracked and found it. Phew
I went down to the water now to warm up and found a few friends. I said, "So far today I have flatted, lost my cap and..." I realized there wasnt' anythign else. But as I said it I also had this sinking thought....things happen in 3s. ooops. Had I just jinxed myself? Whatever. Dont' be superstitious Ange. Move on.

Time to go...

Swim: I was nervous here. I had someone I had to keep up with. She blows me away when we swim together at the lake. I mean, blows me away. Gone. She's waaaaaaaaaaaay ahead. My goadl here was to keep stay within 1 minute? I hoped. GO! Four strokes--we're even---10 strokes---she's gone. BEHIND ME!!! Woohooo. Go Me! I took off. I felt great. I never turned aroudn. I just keep pushign on and enjoyed the moment. But how can it be?
Time: 16: 38 1st woman
Bike: I felt good here. Nothign too notable. I just pushed it. It was a quad ride. In a good way. I felt like I was using my quads more than usual and I felt powerful. It was a hilly ride. I had forgotten just how hilly it was.
time: 1:08.47 no idea what place!
Run: I headed off on the run and hoped I had a big enough cushion to keep my competitors away. The fast swimmer I was worried about is also a super fast runner. I hoped I coudl pull out a strong 10K to hold her off. I felt strong from the beginning. AFter the first mile of breathing uncontrollably, I found my pace. I was pulling out decent mile splits and felt like it might be my race. I was still ahead. Hold on Ange.
I got to about mile 5 when this little tiny thing came zipping by me. I was convinced she was in a wave ahead of me so I didn't have to worry about her. Ooops. but she was SO fast!!! She appeared adn was Gone in about 20 seconds it seemed.
I finished the race about 1 minute after her.
Second place. Cool. I was psyched. The girl who ran by me did a 38" 10K!!
But I did a 41:50 and was lovin' that. My flat 10k PR is only 15 seconds faster than that. I felt strong the whole run. I didn't suffer like I have on other races this summer. That was success for me. I beat the girls I compete with in Maine and that was satisfying. My love for racing was right there with me again. I am so so happy I raced after all.
Overall time: 2:09.16 2nd woman/ 1st age group 14 minutes faster than last year!
It's alwasy fun to finish a race. It feels good. But I got to turn around and watch so many special friends finish the race. My friend Mike, Katie, my Husband Mark (cranked by the way!), Tim, Rob and Mary!!!! Poor Mary had swollen hands when she finished. She took a spill. I felt so sad for her but was glad she was ok. I just love hanging otu with all these people. I hope we can all keep in touch over the winter.

p.s. Remember I said things happen in 3s. Well, they did. I was the 2nd woman to finish, but I was listed as 3rd place. bummer. I got a 2min penalty. AHHH!!! There are people drafting left and right out there and they write me up! There was a guy who had the same bike as me and we played cat and mouse the whole ride. He dropped back at one point and then he caught back up. He rode next to me and told me his woes. He'd dropped his chain. Ok. Immediately after this, he rode off and a guy the back of a motorcycle went by me writign in his notebook. I was so sad.
Oh well. Lesson learned. I know what place I got ....

Fun fun day.
Now it's time to train my butt off to prepare for Clearwater.


Anonymous said...

Awesome job girl...I love reading your race reports because you remember everything! See you in Clearwater!

Swimming for ME said...

Love the attitude! Great job Ange. Get psyched for Clearwater!

BTW I can relate to the need for daytime naps...glad it all came together for you.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Great race Ange!! Great way to enjoy the sport - see friends - and race well! :) Congrats!
Jen H.

IronMatron said...

yeah, Ange! You rocked it! Stupid penalties, stupid stupid. They seem very arbitrary to me!
I love that you were first woman on the swim. wahoo! That little slip of a woman was fast on the run, huh? A 38 on that course? I'm pretty darn impressed with your split, too, of course!

Zach said...

Great race and excellent report as usual. Man, you are a really fast swimmer!

Sorry to hear about the penalty, drafting happens so much and it sucks when you are racing honestly and end up getting dinged.

Smart move pulling over to take a nap - it's so easy to doze off at the wheel once you have the heavy eyelids.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Great job - I am excited for you to see how you race in clearwater - hey and cut out the socializing on the course eh? You make it look easy!

BreeWee said...

Way to run- sorry I am so far behind on reading this!!! ANYWAYS, killer 10k split, ESPECIALLY being only 15sec. off your PR! AND, of course we knew you would rock n' roll that swim :)

All the best with the recovery & build back up to Clearwater!

IronMatron said...

I love how your background changes everytime I come to your blog! hhaha!
I have my long brick tomorrow.
Wish we could do it together (of course you'd kick my arse all over the place) but it would still be fun! I will think of you when I'm out there and I'll pretend you are just down the road!
miss you.

Kim said...

way to go ange! fantastic race, and im glad you put the pre-race snafus behind you!

Paul Taylor said...

Congrats on a great race and season. Good luck at Clearwater. From the races I've done in Boulder, CO, it's difficult to determine how they'd assess drafting penalties when there's so many athletes on the course at one time. If you haven't raced in Boulder you should try the 5430 series sometime.

Checkout my blog and store if you get a chance. Maybe a triathlon mom shirt will put you over the top at Clearwater!