Monday, October 20, 2008

Shooting stars

I'm beginning to realize how important it is for me to find something good in situations that aren't so pleasurable.
This isn't a new concept. But I need to remember it more.
Today I awoke at 4:10. Ok, I can handle that. I've done it quite a bit this season. In fact, if I get up after 5:00 it's considered a late morning.
I was out the door at 4:25. It was 24 degrees out. Woah. The first Real cold of the year. As the winter progresses, this will be rather mild. Not yet. It's still cold. I thougth I was dressed well . I had 2 think layers of underarmour and an underarmour jacket, tights, a headband, gloves, and a headlamp. No, the lamp doesn't keep me warm, but it is comforting on the pitch black country roads I travel on.
I began my 14 mile trek.
I wasn't into it.
I quickly fell into Loop Coma.
You see, my neighborhood has a very handy 1 mile loop. There are three or four street lights and my friendly neighbor's homes. It's great in the winter when I don't want to travel off into the woods in teh dark. I'm sorry. I'm tough but I have no desire to do that. I am afraid of shadows and noises and the idea of a scary guy behind a tree ready to make me into a headline. Enough of that! So I stick to my loop.
Today, it was horriflyingly boring. dreadful. Painful. (see previous post) I didn't even have the urge to listen to my music. I ditched it by a stump with my water and headlamp. As my eyes grew comfortable in the dark even that thing bothered me on my head.
Around and around I went.
I was slow. I was stupified at how slow. I ran a solid 30-40 seconds slower on these flat loops than normal.
Want to hear the good part?? I saw 3 Shooting stars!!!! How cool! The night was crystal clear. There were stars Everywhere. I thought of my 9 year old and how amazed he would have been by the scene. He would have tipped over backwards looking up at the sky.
And then....I saw a MOOSE!! Right there in my neighborhood galloping down the neighbors lawn. Yes, I live in the woods folks.

While I was in my loop coma, not listening to motivating music, I heard siren after siren at ~5 a.m. I later learned that a home burned to the ground not far from here.
See...things aren't so bad.

Later, I headed to the pool. Thanks to my friend and former swim team buddy, Alina, I had a fresh new workout to try. I killed it. I felt awesome. I swam 100s faster than I have all year. But just as I was about to start another set, the pool filled with people there for a therapeutic swim. I messed up the schedule. I was out. I only got in about 3000 yards when the plan was for 4500. I was so bummed.
But as I dressed myself in a twit, I watched a very nice and patient woman trying to change a young boy in a wheelchair. I'm guessing he had Cerebral palsy. He could not speak.
Again, things aren't so bad. I have a damn good life and I vow to stop fussing over small insignificant issues like crappy loop comas and shortened swims.

Here's to shooting stars...


Rural Girl said...

I love running in the early morning hours before the sun comes up; my favorite time. I feel at peace and get to see the world come awake.

cindy said...

Ange - I was in our backyard with our dog for a while that same night (after midnight)...I saw five shooting stars!! I couldn't believe it!

IronMatron said...

I can't believe you saw a moose! You are a TRUE MAINER. There are moose hanging out in your neighborhood! So cool. Stars are very cool too, but I am really stuck on the moose. I have only seen one once--when descending Katahdin.
You know, I think I am so hard core for getting up at 5 every day. I can't believe you get up at 4:10. That is SERIOUSLY the middle of the night!!!
You are awesome. And also right. Try to talk yourself out of the grumps. We can run--we can ride--we can swim. Not everyone can.
I give you permission to feel grumpy at 4:10 am in the butt cold, though. :)

Swimming for ME said...

Okay so what did you do the 100's on? and the 50's?
I'm glad you liked the workout! Sounds like you didn't get to the IM set.

We did 1000 yd butterfly today... well not really but 100 kick 100 drill (R-L-full) and I thought of you doing 5000 yds butterfly and well told KP and CM and they were amazed (as they should be)