Thursday, October 30, 2008

Starting to Click

I have a lot rolling around in my brain tonight. I don't think post will follow any sort of clear outline. Here I go, my random thoughts.

Clearwater. 9 days. World Championship race. Wow. I did it. I got there. It was a goal that was deep in my head when the '08 season started but I wasn't sure I could accomplish it. Now, I'm 9 days away.

I'm ready. I have been working so hard for months and months. My body is strong and now, it's tired. This is one of the first times I remember looking Forward to taper. I usually dread it. I don't want to stop pushing myself. I want to use every last minute to Train!! Yes, I'm a bit of a work horse. But the fact that I am oh so ready to taper is comforting to me. It says to me, "you are fully trained and now need to rest." And that means I will be super strong and full of energy by next Saturday at 7:00 a.m.

Alright. My body is about ready, but I have some nerves. Fear of the unknown. I am travelling all the way to Florida from Maine for this race. Woah! That's a lot different than a quick trip over to N.H.! My bike is already there! I feel a bit lost without her. I feel completely out of control with my bike all the way down south. I don't like feeling out of control. I have no idea what Clearwater, FL is like. I do not have a clue how to do transitions from bags rather than having my gear all set up the way I like it At my bike. Small town girl heads to the big race! I am sure this will be a humbling experience.

Everyone is talking about the off season. I am so close. Again, I usually dread the off season but I find myself getting excited. I can't wait to set the alarm for a solid 1.5 hrs later than normal during the week. I can't wait to have 3-4 hours to myself for something other than biking, running and swimming while the kids are at school. I can't wait to pick Nick up Before Nap at his preschool just to make him smile. However, there is 1 more week. I have to block that out for a little longer and stay focused. I hope I can. I hope I can lay off the candy tomorrow night and the 5 days to follow Halloween!!!

So here I go. REady to rock and Roll. I am excited to hit the beach and do what I do best. I am excited to give this race 120% and then put my 2008 to rest. It was a Great great year.


IronMatron said...

how funny is it that we both basically wrote the same post tonight! haha! We are going to kick some ass and then we're going to sleep and eat, baby! :) xoxoxo

Jamie said...

Kick some butt down south! I hear ya about the off season. It's definitely nice to take a little break of sorts... then a few days into it you start to go nuts. :-)

Looking forward to reading your race report. Have fun and best wishes.

Nathaniel said...

Good luck Ang,
Your going to do great.
But most of all have fun.
Isn't that why we torture ourselves day in and out.
Enjoy the atmosphere, the people, the scenery, and the excitement.
Ride safe, ride fast, and finish strong!!!

Swimming for ME said...

That's right... one more week of focus. All mental now. Keep it up Ange and kick some butt!!

Rural Girl said...

Best of luck! Maybe I'll bump into down there. I'm ready for the off-season too!

Zach said...

Good luck! I'm sure all your training is going to pay off. Looking forward to hearing all about the race.