Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What makes me smile

When I picked my 2 oldest boys up from school today, my 6 year old was waving a 8x11 school envelope in the air.
"What's this Tommy?"
"Open it..it's for you."

15 Good luck cards. 15 cards wishing me "Good luck to your race!" "Mrs. Bancroft I hop you win god luck" "I wish you good lukc...I hope yor the best wun out thar!"
Exactly what I needed.
Thank you Tommy. You Always make me smile.

almost time to go!


Rural Girl said...

Best of luck to you on Saturday!
I'm number 863. Maybe we will bump into each other! Go get em!

Rural Girl said...

Oh, I should have said before or after the race. I doubt I'll see you during the race! I suspect you'll be up ahead!

IronMatron said...

That's so cute! I love that Tommy!
See you soon...

Laura said...

I clicked on a link to your blog from Kate Weaver's and I just wanted to say that is SO awesome!

The Lazy Triathlete said...

I HOP you do well too!!!! :)

Zach said...

Good Luck Tomorrow!

Judi said...

holy shit! I tracked you and saw you finished 6th! WHOOOOOOOOT! You go girl! You better start looking for sponsers now! BIG CONGRATS to you and Mary both.

Kim said...

ange you are a rockstar!!! congrats at a very very VERY impressive finish at clearwater!