Sunday, November 2, 2008

Easy girl

hang on
slow down
don't push it
enjoy the moment
did I say SLow down
hold back!!

Ahh, The trick of taper.

The body's feeling good.....6 more days.
I have slept 10 hrs two nights in a row!!!
My mileage has been cut back and I'm starting to heal.
I swam Friday and had to hold myself on the wall and say, "STOP!" Time to get out of the water. I had to fight the urge to swim 100s just to see how fast I could go. I ran today and fel the same way. Light, fresh, strong. But as I circled my neighborhood loop for my final mile, I had to fast forward the mp3 player to a different-less motivating song so I wouldn't fly around just to see how fast I could go!!
Keep my eye on the prize. The big goal is Next week...........I must hang on. Keep focused. Stay rested and fresh.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the taper!! See you in Clearwater this weekend, YAY!

IronMatron said...

That's right! Keep steady. We're almost there.

Marni said...

you are going to do great! can't wait to see you!!!

BreeWee said...

holy crap you had my heart beating so fast... yikes! Taper is way scary. TRUST your fitness and training! You will be where you are meant to be on race day... enjoy it all!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Ange! YOU ARE ready, have a great, great race down in FL! Jen H.

LG said...

fresh legs! fresh mind! go ange go!