Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm better today. Not as spastic. Not nearly as frantic. Or shaky. I think the fact that yesterday was Sunday....and the race is Next Sunday....that really got to me.'s Ironman week. And I feel.....lazy!!!!!
I am out of my "groove" of working out half the day. I swam today. that's it.
My muscles feel mellow and relaxed instead of the evening pulse I grew accustomed to over the past months.
I started the day, as I said, with a swim. It was fine. NOt too hard ,not too easy. I felt energized and ready for a sunny day.
And then...."Mommy, my milk isn't cold. Do I have to drink it." At first, I didn't listen. I didn't worry or basically care because one of them typically lets it sit out until it's warm. But then.....I felt the fridge. OH SHIT!
I have enough to think about-obsess about :) - this week. I did Not need a broken fridge. But it was warm and getting warmer by the minute. not good. It was full of yogurts, and milk, and well stuff that Must stay cold! not to mention the freezer.
Good distraction and of course it put me over the edge a few times. It was 7:30 and I had to be out of the house 45 min later with the 3 boys for soccer camp until 12:30. And I had to save the food.
I'll spare the details but it was a pain. lots of shuffling and scrambling but the important thing is now it's fixed, it's Clean (yes..discovered a few places that needed serious scrubbing, ooops) and it successfully took my mind off
IRONMAN in 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow I will shop for food to bring with me. I will do a final load or two of laundry. And, I will talk to Jen. I will finalize my race plan. My plan of attack.
Tomorrow, I will try to remain calm.


Marni said...

At least you don't have to worry about your nutrition plan! We figured that out weeks ago and you perfected it with all of your training sessions!! Call me whenever you need me this week :)

Chuck Buxton said...

just wanted to drop you a line before the race. Good luck and have fun. You have plenty "in the bank" it sounds like.

IronMatron said...

Now I am freaking out! I am so far behind you in prep land! ( I know, I know, what's new...)
:) So sorry about the fridge. what a pain! Good luck staying calm.....
miss you.

MaineSport said...


Swimming for ME said...

Deep breath deep breath deep breath... then visualize success. You will do great!!