Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ok-this is getting serious

We're down to less than a week. If all goes as planned, I'll be DONE one week from right now. Not only will I be DONE, I will be an IRONMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got shivers.
Does everyone freak out during taper. During the week....before?
I know some friends who are calm as a cucumber (is that right...calm as a ___ What is IT? ) and I have some who are all revved up like me.
I can't see straight.
I can't focus.
I can't calm down and NOT think about it for more than 5 minutes at a time.
I am not without distraction. I have 3 small boys remember. Life is never calm. Ever.
But I can't get myself together.
My body is all in a twit. One minute I'm flying down the road running an effortless fast for me pace. The next minute I'm buckled over with GI pain.... Or one minute my legs feel loose and strong and the next minute my glutes are screaming and my ankle is talking to me.
I don't think I've mentioned my ankle. I refuse to truly admit it's an issue you see. But several weeks ago I was diagnosed with a partially ( keyword) torn pereneal brevis tendon. ok. so what's that. Eggshells basically .I'm walking on eggshells. My ankle has been swollen (not obnoxiously so but enough to see ) for months and months. This is good. It signals a chronic thing not an acute injury that is more likely to knock me down. So-that's all I'll say on that. My ankle talks sometimes. And I ice. I wrap. I baby it. I run carefully. I wait. One more week. I WILL make it. AFter that....who the heck cares really.

I'm not sure how to ge tthrough this week. I really have no idea. this is unlike anything I have done in my life. I just don't know how to feel.


Jennifer Cunnane said...

Stay calm girl, you are almost there!!! You will rock the course and (although I have never done an IM) am told all the "weird" spooky quirks perk up last week. Rest up - try to put your feet up - ha! And, enjoy the taper!

Mary Eggers said...

When you feel those fits of nerves..... envision those three boys waiting for a big stinky hug at the finish. Breathe deep sister..... this is the longest week of your life. I will be at THE HILL screaming. You will know when you see it on the RUN!

MaineSport said...

Whoa,'s obvious you're tapering and need to spount off with all of the blogging...Just keep it bottled up for another 3 days, then travel, prep for a day or two, THEN let it all out. Chill. You're ready.
Btw, I have to laugh at the word verification I have to enter below- "bonqued."

Kim said...

you have the fitness. youre emotionally ready. try to stay calm :) you will kick butt.

GetBackJoJo said...

I am so not in a twit like you! :) haha! But I am--- not here. In space? Messed up? Foggy? I need to focus, but I can't! I don't think there's a way you're supposed to feel. Maybe we are just becoming more exaggerated versions of our true selves in the anticipation? That would make sense; you are on overdrive; and I am slowing dowwwwnnnnn..... and getting all philosophical about what this means and that means etc. haha
Hang in there and see you very soooonnnnn.

Marni Sumbal, MS, RD said...

You will be fine. Ask any Ironman athlete and most will say that race day is far easier than any training session. Ok-so you have to put all three distances and disciplines together for the first time but you will have so much support out there you won't want it to end! 140.6 miles will be over before you know it. Just like a wedding, don't rush it. This is your only "first" IM experience :)