Monday, July 13, 2009

Thanks Hun

  • for hugging me in our kitchen last July and saying, "yes. Let's go sign you up."
  • for telling me to "take my time" every single time I headed out for workout. Every time. You never made me feel guilty. Not once.
  • for telling me all the reasons why I shouldn't feel guilty for my hours away when I brought the feeling on myself
  • for smiling patiently when I showed you all my new gear along the way and asking calmly how much is cost
  • for scheduling morning meetings later so you wouldn't have to leave home early-allowing me to do my daily training
  • for your unbelievable patience and understanding all those times I had a "long swim" or things just took longer than expected at the lake and I rolled in, no screeched in, at 7:17 instead of 6:58.
  • for taking over the breakfast hour at home with the boys...all year long
  • for keeping the boys quiet on those rare mornings that I got to sleep in
  • for your understanding about my early bedtimes--even on Friday and Saturday nights
  • for never questioning me when I began cooking unbelievably healthy pancakes and try so hard to like them so the boys will too!
  • for convincing me I can do anything I decide to do
  • for being my rock when I broke down from exhaustion and doubt
  • for being super Dad and getting the kids all over New England to watch me race--at the crack of dawn.
  • for buying me race wheels for our 10th anniversary
  • for your constant patience and support. We are here. Next week. I promise to stay up past my 'bedtime' soon. To finish a movie with you. To sleep in on Saturday mornings.

This Ironman journey has been amazing. I've had ups and downs. But one thing is certain, despite all my personal dedication and hard work, I could not have done it without my husband.



Michelle Simmons said...

That's awesome. It really is much more of a Team Sport when you have a family!
Don't underestimate how hard it'll be on him to watch the race too... not only will he be stressed out hoping you achieve all your goals, but it's a LONG day on his feet! Set up a good nutrition plan for him for the day. ;)

Jennifer Harrison said...

It takes a village! And, the spouse is the #1 - if he/she is in full support - it is SO great! YAY MARK!

Marni Sumbal, MS, RD said...

that is wonderful! Ironman training is so much more than just "training for an ironman" Looks like you have the support to get you to the finish line!

Swimming for ME said...

Awww.... you are definitely one lucky woman... time to go for it now!

Alili said...

Well, there goes my mascara. What a wonderful way to thank your husband.

Kim said...

aw, i love it!!!! mark sounds like a great husband and daddy!

Swimming for ME said...

You forgot to say thanks for cheering like a crazy man when you swim/bike/run by.... No one cheers with as much gusto as Mark! Seeing him lifts you up every time!

OH! and you forgot how he deals so well with you on race morning when you get so stressed out! That too.

Also how he is sooooo good to your friends.. :)

Swimming for ME said...

oops! Mary left that last comment, not Alina. Its just I'm using her computer and I must be signed into her account! Oops!

Ange said...

you guys think I get stressed out on race morning?? :) not ME!?
you're he STOPS swimming to yell to me (us) as we pass him. Too funny.

Swimming for ME said...

Well I do agree with everything Mary said... Mark is an awesome cheerer. Who else stops in the middle of a swim to yell to you and tell you how great you look?

mjcaron said...

Hi Ange! That is such a nice blog. It IS hard for all. I know you and Mary are going to race your brains out very soon. I so wish I could have gone up to watch. I almost got to. Good luck! I know you will both do awesome!!!!

Michelle said...

That was beautiful Ange! You are a lucky, lucky woman.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

AWWwwwwwwww! I love this. Good thing he has you as a spouse too!

Michelle said...

my favorite is the race wheels for your anniversary!
enjoy your good fortune!