Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm not sure how to label my feelings right now.
and of course....there are nerves.
It is so close. I have worked so hard. I am so ready.

A triathlon shop exploded in my bedroom today. And in the basement. And in the family room.
There's a wetsuit, tons 0 tri short and tops, socks, big bottles of nutrition, millions of gels (I expect it's going to take about 10 to get through that marathon alone), bottles and bottles ready to be filled with super powered energy drinks, a helmet or two, spare's all over the place. Every where I look. The special race gear is coming out.

I'm a little snappy. For some reason I'm expected to think about things Other than the Ironman I'm jumping into next weekend. :0) Seriously brain is a little full at the moment. I really really need a day or two to myself to gather my thoughts. But...that's not going to happen. I'm trying to remain calm---to allow myself to 'forget' what's coming up so so soon.

I was at a closing today and had to sign about 100 papers. Each one...dated. July 17, 2009.
July 26th. That day has been etched into my mind for a year now. And now it's the 17th. Of the same month. Of the same year. How did that happen? It seems like yesterday that Mary, Mike, Tim and I camped out on the side of the road waiting for a chance to enter our first Ironman. It seems like yesterday.

But you much has happened since that day. I have had some great races. I have experienced the 70.3 world championships. And most importantly...I have trained my butt off. Every day. Ok, I guess there were a couple days off in there but not many!! I have worked adn worked and worked. It's in my bank. I'm fully trained for an Ironman now. That is what has changed.
Here we go!!!!!!!!!


Michelle Simmons said...

Im always amazed at how time just marches on... before you know it, it'll be next Saturday night and you're going to be just moments away... and then before you know it the whole race will be over! Soak up every minute and really enjoy the whole thing, because crossing the finish line at your first Ironman is the best that you get in triathlon. :)

Marni Sumbal, MS, RD said...

your number sounds super lucky!! You are ready Amazing how time flies when you're having fun and learning so much about yourself!

Marit C-L said...

Hey Ange!

Okay - FIRST - your number is SUPER lucky :) 22 is one of my lucky you're ahead of the game right there!

Second - YOU'LL DO GREAT! Trust your training - this week will be a little tough - long in one sense but waaayyyy too short in another. Just hang in tere! I agree with Michelle - crossing that finish line is and WILL BE incredible.

I know that you've got everything squared away and ready to go and stuff.... but if you need a sympathetic voice from one first time- IMer to another, my email is mchrislaut@aoldotcome. You'll do SUPER! Just hang in there - be patient, and realize that everything that you're feeling is totally normal. :)

Good vibes your way!

Mary Eggers said...

And we will be screaming. we will be on the hill, with the megaphone, and you will not miss us. That's our spot. It's called rich clark hill and it's the first thing you will see out of T1.

Resting my voice for you sister!

GetBackJoJo said...

Oh fuck!