Sunday, September 27, 2009

13 days

In 13 days I'll be racing in Hawaii. In another Ironman. In Kona. The World Championships. The race I've watched on TV for disbelief. How can those people do that? And now, it's me. I have made it. I am going to Kona.
It's been a wild ride. It's felt surreal. Now suddenly, it's here. It's real. One week from tomorrow...I will fly half way around the world.
The training has been going pretty well. When I dive in the pool, click into the pedals, or tie on the running shoes....I am all about the workout. I am focused. I do the job. I work as hard as I can.
It's time for rest now though. And I'll admit. I'm human. I'm no longer 20. And I need this rest. The stress of the training + the stress of a major trip has caused me to break down a bit.
I just read Marit and Michelle's blogs. I was comforted to know I am not alone. They sound a bit like I do...ready to taper.
I got the email the other day too---- " Ange, I'm staging a little intervention," Jen said. I was showing signs of fatigue and it was time to pull back a bit if necessary.
I headed out for my run this morning...I felt good when I left home. It was only 50 degrees and pouring rain but hey, no big deal. In a week I'd be sweating and praying for rain so I would enjoy this. My legs felt good! yeah! I would do the whole run. But something was strange. I was lightheaded. Dizzy. Spacey. I couldn't focus. Why??? I had grabbed 1/3 of a power bar before I left home and stopped and ate that. It helped a little. I just kept running and waited. A mile 5 I had a gel. By mile 8, I was fine. I have no idea why I felt so weak and this a sign of fatigue?
I ran most of the 2 hr run. I thoought it was a good sign that I felt better as the run progressed. Apparently I was low on calories. I have no idea why. I had eaten a normal breakfast.

I am really close now---I like that I'm a little tired. I know that with some rest I will feel fast adn full of zip. Ready to tear up those lava fields!!

Oh and the Best part of my weekend??? My special activity with my little boys yesterday. We bought beads and 'wrist band' cords. (they're boys---no bracelets) They each picked 2 colors. I braided a band for each of them to wear. I mixed all 6 colors into one for me to wear in Hawaii. And they made me 3 necklaces. The little beads spell:
GO Mommy!
Ironman Mom and
CamTommyNick with hearts between each name


IronMatron said...

SO cute about the boys and the -- non-bracelets... :) Love it! Go MOMMY IRONWOMAN KONA! You are there, you are there. You should read Molly's (Zahr) blog too--she has struggled also and it's good to read. You can get to her via the QT2 site...
Oh, Ange, I so wish I could be there to see it and cheer...
We missed you yesterday... :(
Next year Andy, Jordan and I are doing the family relay. Mark, you and Cam???? We'll have a little competition with Steve and fam???? Could be so fun!!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hang in there Ange - YES, you are NOT alone! Just keep that in mind...everyone is feeling this way. But soon, very soon. The work is done, the body WILL come around, and we'll feel like our 'normal' selves for race day. At least that's what I keep telling myself :)

We can do it!

Mama Simmons said...

I've had that woozy thing- random and weird how it comes on but my belief is tat it's a carbohydrate thing. Usually when it happens to me it's an AM workout. I was just reading about how our brain uses up the glycogen stores in the liver while we sleep so it's important to take in some carbs pre-workout- especially first thing in the morning.

Cute bracelets from your boys. Um, I mean wrist bands. ;)

Swimming for ME said...

I am getting chills for you just reading your pre-race mental prep. I am so excited for you to rock it. Go steady and strong. you know what to do. Enjoy the moment ....

Can we see it on TV? Is it streaming on the web?
Let me know. I've somehow GOT to see you there.

love xxoo Alina