Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I really like getting advice. I listen to it all. I take it in. I use what I think sounds useful and smart. I appreciate it all. I got some interesting advice today. Here's a few of the things I learned:

DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT take Lava home from the Big Island of Hawaii!!!!! Apparently you will need an exorcism and have really bad luck for years and years. Sorry boys... :-(

Save my energy for the week I'm in Hawaii. Dont' use it all up getting ready at home. The energy in Kona next week will be intense and I need to rest up for that in addition to that little 140.6 event I'll be doing.

Trust my nutrition plan. I have trained and trained and it is locked and loaded. Trust it.

Don't fight the wind. Go with it...if you don't you'll pay for it on the run.

Believe that I deserve a vacation from home. And therefore, the kids. They will be fine. I will be fine. This is good for me and my husband.

The special needs bag on the run is too late in the game. Mile 18? By then it's all over...your hot, begging for ice, taking in Coke and talking to dead relatives. What?

I earned this trip. Believe in my abilities. In my strength. In my toughness. But be smart. Don't get too excited at the wrong point.

Savor the moment. Enjoy the experience.

It's Ali'i Drive after all......


Adrienne said...

Well said! Sending positive energy your way!

Michelle Simmons said...

Great advice! The one about not fighting the wind... Very important. :)

Michelle said...

Best wishes to you. I can't wait to follow all the action.

GetBackJoJo said...

That is all great advice! (I think, anyway... )
I think it's really important to to remember that you deserve this, and that the boys will be fine. Your parents and Mark's parents raised YOU GUYS, right? So they will be all safe and happy... :)
It's all good.

Shelley said...

Yes on the lava, leave it home. Go to the beach and pick up as much white coral as you can and then go out to the bike course and make your name out there with the rocks, I did and I wonder if it's still there?
Have fun and enjoy it..I know that's a hard thing to do right? :-)

Anonymous said...

Ange! You're ready!!!! We can't wait to hear all about your adventures in Kona. Now, for being such a kick-ass triathlete and inspirational blogger, we're giving you a Kreativ Blogger award. Congratulations! You can learn all about the award on our blog. http://maukamakai.wordpress.com/2009/10/01/kreativ-blogger/

As for Kona, Go get 'em tiger!