Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy times, Good training, and Lots of Fun!!!

I haven't posted for a while. Things have been busy here!!! Getting the kids and I back into the groove of school & adding in their fall sports has kept us hopping.
You days are not spent sitting idle after they head to school. No, I don't read books and watch tv all day as the man at the post office suggested we Moms do when our youngest head to Kindergarten. (Did you hear me just scream under my breath?)
Moving on....
This particular Mom is training for Kona. My 2nd Ironman of the summer. So...Mr....take that.
I said I'd move on.....
I've had a few great workouts. I've also had a few not-so-great ones too. There are ups and downs with this and I'm learning to accept that.
Last week I had that MRI that revealed my ankle is ok to pound on again. The first thing I did? I went back to the pool to proove to myself that I can in fact do a Mean flip turn! I've been pushing off like an old lady since May. I've been barely tapping my toes on the wall and lightly swimming away. Not my style. I pushed and pushed off that wall, hyperextended and headed out past the flags. Ahh..much much better. that was fun.
Next, I hit the road for a 5 hour ride. In the sun. the Warm sun!!! Most of my IMLP training was done in the cold rain. Blek. I began to dread all long rides and that was tough. I truly had fun out in the sun that day. I found a road that wasn't up and down and up and down. It was only ~ 3 miles long so I rode back and forth about 6 times. I loved it! I pretended my legs were pistons going up and down and pushed to hit the HR zones for the long intervals I had that day. Success.
The next big one of the week was on the track. I had avoided the track since spring as well. Saturday, I hit it hard. I even dragged my husband with me. I had the great idea of bringing the boys---they had their soccer balls and would run around in the middle while we worked.
Figures, the sprinklers were on that day. Five minutes into the run, the boys were Soaked.
I attacked the track and did pretty well. I was solid and quite fast. And then, on the way back down the ladder, I was done. That's it. Body used up every single little bit I had. My leg was actually a bit numb. I felt nauseus. I'm quite sure I sounded like I was about to hyperventilate. I pushed and pushed knowing that it was working through those moments that makes you a better athlete. It's what allows you to push at the end of the race when Everyone is suffering.

After that...Fun. Labor day weekend at Camp. Our last hoorah of summer. We stocked up on loads of food, invited some friends and family over, and just sat back for some good times. There was swimming, tubing, eating, hoola hooping ('s true), a recovery brick (I was toast the day after that track workout!), and singing by the campfire. Forty seven people on our tiny little island for the weekend. The kids were up too late, they ate smores, swam, swung from rope swings, and played with cousins all weekend. And then on Monday, the windows were closed and we moved out. That's that. In the blink of an eye the summer haven is quiet and lonely.

Now we're home and back into real life. Soccer games and practices all week. Swimming lessons. Homework. Too much laundry. And of course, training plans. I ran 2. 5 hours yesterday. That just almost always hurts me. I didn't feel as zippy as I had hoped. I had looked forward to that run. But...I just wasn't 100%. But, I did it. I have had a few strong swims. Tomorrow, I run again but not too long. I love runs. So tomorrow I will make up for my pathetic long run. It will be great.
And on Friday-a 6 hour brick. I am ready to attack it.

time for bed!!


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hang in there Ange - you're doing GREAT! Um...I feel the same way about that 2.5 hour run.

You know what else I'm learning about doing 2 IMs in one year (in my first year of IM distance?) Is that you HAVE to go with the flow and be okay with stuff.... I feel like you totally get that and I read it in your blogs. THANKS for sharing this - it means a lot!

So happy that your ankle is okay - yippeeeeee! Keep up the great work my friend - we're almost there!

Can't wait to meet you in Kona!!!!

IronMatron said...

What exactly do you mean you're making the run long up... You're not doing another 2.5 hours today are you?????
You DO have the right attitude. I am not even training for Kona, and I feel like you have it together way more than me! Haha!
I hate closing the windows and leaving camp. It is so sad. I wish I could have been there for that final weekend blow-out, though!

MaineSport said...

Time to go back to the Michelin-man getup for some heat aclimatizing. One month from today- enjoy it!

Kim said...

ange, you are killing it!!!!! you are back with a vengeance! your attitude is enviable. (so are your physical capabilities!) you are doing great managing everything.

Marni said...

2.5 hours are a machine!! so strong :)
I'm so glad you are back at it..I'm sure you were doubting yourself for while but now you are healthy and ready to begin the countdown to Kona!!
keep up the fantastic work! I love it that your hubby went with you to the track...very cute :)

BreeWee said...

and Friday a 6hour brick.... ha ha, yeah Mr. Post man! tooo funny yet so true!
I am so excited for you, you are traing super and then you will be here, we will have to meet for a swim or run!!
Good luck tomorrow, get it done!! woooohoooo!

Mama Simmons said...

How nice that you don't have to worry about your ankle anymore. I'm with you on the flip turns thing. Not being able to push off the wall properly would suck! :)

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Go get em! I love the hoola hoops, odd but that was the entertainment of choice to on our family vacation. Glad to hear you are getting back into the swing of things!