Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Stuff

  • My husband is flying to Hawaii with me!!!! (he was going to meet me there 4 days later...long story...doesnt' matter 'cause he's going with me and I'm Happy!!)
  • I nailed a hard workout today. I worked hard..hit my zones...felt strong...and enjoyed a few miles running after.
  • My good friend Mike hooked up some Web Cams for us so I can see the kids while I'm away.
  • The infectious laughter my little Nick has every single night when I kiss him goodnight.
  • The smile I got from Tommy when I said he could have a bath in our jacuzzi.
  • my sparkling clean bike....ready to be shipped over the Pacific for a ride in the big game
  • I"m going to Hawaii one week from today!!
  • The gorgeous Fall weather Maine is having! THANK YOU Mother Nature! I didn't have to endure any long rides in the rain this time!
  • did I mention that my husband is travelling with me?
  • my 39 y.o. body stayed healthy and basically uninjured through two rounds of Ironman training!
  • I get to sleep in until 6:00 tomorrow!!

I'm gearing up...getting excited. Nervous. Ready to make this journey and see what I can do on the Big Island.


IronMatron said...

So glad Mark is coming with you... What a relief. It will be such a pleasant trip now!! So soon!
Congrats on that last hard workout and on making it through without (major) injury!!!

Amanda said...

Ha ha ha! Aren't days when you get to "sleep in 'til 6" the best?! the other days are great too, but that extra hour or two can revive the soul!

Have fun and race hard in HI!

Kim said...

yay for mark being able to be there with you! enjoy every minute of sleep and rest!

Marni said...

yay!! So glad Mark can come with you!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

SO Mark is coming with you - THIS IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!!!! Keep resting!