Wednesday, March 3, 2010

They make me Smile

I had a crabby day on Sunday. But I'm much better now. This post isn't particularly inspiring or exciting but I felt like posting a few pictures I've taken at home recently. It's hard not to smile when I'm surrounded by all this goodness.
My husband and I turned 40 about a month ago. Our good friends Nat and Mary-Lou gave us a a personalized bottle of bubbly. Mary Lou is an artist and designed a label. I don't have a photo of the front but it's a picture of me swimming andMark flying over me (he's a pilot) with a banner behind the plane reading GO ANGE. It's hard to read the label on this so I'll write out what it says. (Note: I'm from Cape Elizabeth and he's from Paris.)

Classic Cape and Parisian vintage have aged together, blending unique and lastinag flavors with a genuine robust quality...sturdy, powerful and energetic.
This traditional bubbly has forty years of bouquet faithful to it's roots and devoted to generations of future.
Flavors swim with ease and fly with grace, playing together while continuuing to defy age.
Celebrate and treasure a youthful life!
Isn't that great? We'll save this bottle forever.
Here's Nick hard at work baking a cake for his easy bake oven.


Cameron chillin' on the chairlift.

Nick getting ready to tear up the ski trails.

Mom with her guys on the Gondola.
This is what a 5 y.o. looks like after playing with his brothers in the snow for 10 minutes. Seriously, it only took 10 minutes.

The green bear takes turns going home with each child from the Kindergarten class. Nick took his job as caretaker very seriously. Tommy couldn't even put his Harry Potter away for snack time.

100th day of school hat.

We had a sick house last week and weekend. Tommy's favorite bear seriously "injured" during the night with a sick little boy. Thanks to the advice of some friends, we saved him. Boy and bear and happy once again.

And with that I'm off to run. This one should be interesting. I needed a little "you can do it" from Coach Jen this morning. She said I could so, here I go.


Running and living said...

Lovely pics. And yes, YOU CAN DO IT!

Kim said...

love the pics of the wine and the boys - especially with the newly washed bear! enjoy that run - hope you were able to push it hard!

GoBigGreen said...

Aww so sweet. I thought of you this AM as i was dealing with some "monthly issues" and feeling like crud and remembered It isnt always i went...
And you know, this makes me wish i had kids....( ha, dont post pics when they are devilish, ha!)

Michelle Simmons said...

GREAT pics! I used to just love my easy-bake oven. :)

Trigirlpink said...

Hey! You are a Maine girl! That is cool... I live in Boston but travel up to Farmington Maine often. Is that near you? Must look at where Paris is...
HAPPY 40th!!!

Oh yeah.... EVERY kid remembers their EasyBake creations. Loved that thing along with my Malibu Barbie and her camper. :-)

Meg said...

Ok, so this is not running related but there is NOTHING cuter than a little boy baking a cake in his Easy Bake oven. That was totally cute...just as cute as the teddy bear sleeping on this pillow. These pictures made me smile, thanks for sharing!

Mary IronMatron said...

I loved the Easy Bake Oven, and I love that Nick has one!
Cute pics....and that was so sweet of Mlou and Nate!