Saturday, February 26, 2011

A day of Ups and Downs

Today has been one of those days. I'm not sure which way to turn.

Let's see. I woke up late with another great 9 hrs logged. Perfect. Race day tomorrow so one more lazy morning was just what I needed. I had 1 cup of coffee and then completed my 30 min pre-race run. I felt good. I had some zip in the legs. I visualized each mile and made a real race plan. I wasn't 100% ready for this 10 miler 3 weeks ago when it was originally scheduled. It was just a bit too soon after my January marathon. However, I am ready now. I also have this major itch to race again. My blood is simmering. I have game face all over again.

After that was done, it was time to head to Sunday River for a ski day with the boys. I made a plan to just ski super easy and potentially cut the day short. My kids are little ski bums now ( love it ) but we ski pretty hard when given the chance. I didn't want to leave the mountain with that rubbery feeling the day before this race. (I love this race in my hometown and I really want to do well.)

It was about 10 min before leaving the house and I headed back into the kitchen for one last trip. I had a bunch of things in my arms. Since it's a kitchen, and not a playroom, I didn't see the need to Look Down and watch my step.
MiSTAKE when I have 3 boys rolling around. I should've known.

I FLEW into the air after stepping on this ball left rigth in my way. I was airborn. I have no idea what happened but my full coffee cup when flying along with whatever else was in my arms and I Slammed down on my knee. It hurt. I screamed. My boys actually acted concerned for their poor Mother laying in a heap almost crying.

Ouch. It still hurts. It's clearly quite bruised. But, I'll live.

Next, I talked on the phone to my poor little brother. He trained hard and was supposed to head south for a marathon tomorrow. Only yesterday, he came down with a nasty stomach virus that's circulating. He's down for the count. I feel just horrible for him. At that point, he hadn't made a decision. But things looked pretty grim.

Off to the mountain. It was cold and windy but the snow was Amaaaazing! I skied with trepidation but had to fight the urge big time. I just wanted to fly with the boys. I held back.

At this point, I began to hear a little chatter. A little this and that about some more snow in the forecast. So what? Just a few inches? big deal! right????
Well, not to the Cape E Police. They are watching this race with hawk eyes. If there is any precip tomorrow at race time, it's off. Of course, they have to decide before that. So, by 6:30 tonight, the call will be made. No race if the snow plows are expected out.

I was sitting back inside the condo 'resting' my legs while the kids and Mark took a few runs without me.

What to do, what to do. If I stay in, my legs won't feel like jello. However, there may not be a race and I will have wasted a perfectly good afternoon with my family on some super nice powder.

I went back out. At the unanimous advice from my FB friends, I went back out and enjoyed the rest of the day with the kids. We hit up the mogul trail 3D and had a blast.

Now, we're home. I'm waiting. Do I pack? Do I get the kids ready to go to their grandparents? Do I roll and stretch? ( probably not a bad idea anyway ) MOre importantly, do I get that game face back on? It's Hard to lose it and then grab it back and then be wishy-washy.....

Up and down all day. Up in the air, down on the kitchen floor, Up for the race tomorrow, Down about Jeff, Up the ski lift, down the trails.....

We'll see what happens. One more hour and I can relax or work to get that race feeling back again.


ltlindian said...

I guess it was cancelled. I think my spin class teacher was going to do this one and she was bummed it was cancelled. At least you enjoyed you ski day!

Caratunk Girl said...

Bummer the race was canceled Ange, it is blue skies here. Hope your knee is OK.

mjcaron said...

Shoot, that fall sounded horrible. I thought you made the right decision. (even before I saw the comment stating that the race was cancelled.)