Saturday, February 19, 2011

Strange Day and trying not to be spooked.....

It's Saturday and I'm home. The house is quiet, for the moment.

This is a rare thing in the Bancroft home. I think I can count on one hand how many Saturdays are quiet "stay home days." Ok, maybe one hand is an exaggeration but still, it IS rare.

It's winter in Maine which means you can usually find us on a ski slope by this time of day. Or, at a basketball game. But really we are never home on Saturdays. But alas, my husband is off on a male-bonding weekend with some friends. Actually, my friends. They are his friends too now. But I wish I was there. They are all awesome people. Tons of fun and incredibly loyal. They are one of the reasons I love Triathlon. Most of them are people I've met along this journey. They make the sport fun. I am realizing more and more how much these people are partly why I continue with this sport.

Back to my strange day. Mark left yeserday. Last night I went to bed at my normal 10:00 hour and then read for a little while. I am sure my ligths were out at 10:30. I didn't wake up until almost 8:30!!! My boys were all up and starting to raid the fridge for breakfast. They are awesome the way they just do their own thing and let me sleep on the few days that my schedule allows. I was up at 4:30 the past few mornings so 8:30 felt amaaaazing!! We stayed in our PJs for a while, I drank coffee, I made them pancakes, and after a little while, they bundled and went outside to play.
And I, gasp, Took a SHOWER!

Don't get me wrong. I do shower daily. In fact, I usually shower 2 or more times/ day!!! And it's never the 1st thing I do after breakfast. Because of course, I have my training! I may swim first, shower (just a rinse though), and then run followed by a shower. Or I bike (shower) and then head to my personal trainer and shower again! I get sick of showers. But today! I just rolled out of bed, mozied around in my PJs and then, took a shower! No workout first!
It's the simple things.

Today is a day off. If you read my post yesterday, you may remember that I am shredded to pieces. I "played" in a parent-kid basketball game last night with my boys. {I have mastered many a sport but basketball is NOT one of them. Sorry Dad.} I moved slowly and I didn't try very hard. I did make a few breaks and even got a basket or two but I was hardly the star Mom of the game. However, just my gentle sauntering down the gym floor made my legs achey.

And now, here I sit. My kids are still outside. My husband is having a blast snowshoeing miles around a beautiful northern Maine lake. I am staring at the walls. I am looking at my book I tossed on the couch. I just broused the athleta website for cute workout clothes. I rubbed the cats. That's about it. Oh, I ate breakfast. I haven't dried my hair and I may not. Why bother. I just pull it up anyway.
My to-do list is right here next to me. I have no fewer than 11 post-it notes stuck around my desk and on my laptop. I have lots and lots I could do. The kids are off school all week so my time to work (at least in peace) will be limited. We plan to ski, I'll travel to see my trainer, we are going on a dog-sled trip and who knows what else. This is the ONLY quiet day I have Monday? February 28th? And yet, here I sit.
Paralyzed with laziness.

And herein lies my conern.
Why am I so tired?
I slept a TON last night! I only swam yesterday. I am doing nothing today. I am grateful that the wind is blowing 50mph so I had an excuse not to take the boys skiing alone. I could have done that very easily. Instead, we are going to a movie. I have no energy to ski.
I feel exhausted.
Sure, I am at the end of my 3 week build and I deserve a rest week. I deserve my achey legs.
And yet, I feel more tired than I think I should feel. Or am I imagining it?
The past three weeks weren't That hard. I didn't train as many hours as I have in the past or I will in the future as my Ironman training really kicks in.

I guess I'll just go pick up that book and try to embrace the fact that I need this rest. I just hope that's all I need.


ParrisHouse1818 said...

In reading over your last couple of blog posts, I just have the urge to remind're an amazing, inspiring athlete, but that's not all. Your energy is going in a lot of different directions. You're a devoted Mom, you're a wife and partner in every possible way to Mark, and you're also taking care of your coaching clients in a way that's above and beyond, even the newbie/slowpokes like me. I hope you take today's down time to think about "What does Angela need?" Really think about that in a deep way. As women in mid-life, I think we spend a lot of time thinking about what we have to give everyone else, and have days when we surprise ourselves by just how tired we are from it all. It all sounds cliche, but in this case, the cliche rings true.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Ange! You know what I am going to say - but just relax your mind too - you are a full time mom, work and train a ton...I slept 9 hours last night and am still tired today - in fact had to remove all my intensity from my ride.....ONE thing I notice as we are 40+ is just the amazing fatigue I carry around more now than when I was 30 or even 35. And, when we go big after a big cycle it takes days - even week (s) to recover fully or enough to build again - that is the beauty of age and life stress (you playing bball last night stuff) just read your book, eat bon bons and rest up! :)) I am off to kids' soccer games here in a bit and Jerome is gone (Coffee Fest) all day too!!

wanaberunnergrl said...

Enjoy the down time!! I'm sure your body is just catching up from the many early mornings!

Marisa said...

Enjoy!!! What a wonderful lazy day! Those are THE BEST! Clearly you needed a mental break as well as a physical break.
Dog sledding!?!? Do tell!

Caratunk Girl said...

Ange, I know you want to drive forward. You are amazing, a mom to 3 busy boys, a wife, a coach, and a competitive athlete.

What would you tell me (or any one of your athletes) to do if one of us were feeling wiped like you are describing in the last few posts? I know you would give me the best advice that would reset my head and still get me to the starting line healthy and ready to go. So follow that advice, whatever it may be.

Recharge sister. Just saying.

Melissa said...

Oh yes.. this happens. I know all about it. :)

The Lazy Triathlete said...


Enjoy a lazy day from time to time. Embrace it. I hope your body got the rest it needed. All the best.