Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm digging out my Rally Cap

It's time for me to post something because I'm no longer sitting here paralyzed by exhaustion. And yet, I don't have too much to write.

It's vacation week at our house so the routine is out of whack. I admit, I thought today was Monday. It's not. It's Thursday. In my defense, my husband took a few days off and went back today. I started my morning at 4:27 so I could go for a swim. So in my mind and body, it's Monday.

In addition to school vacation, it's a rest week from training for me. As a Mom of 3 boys, I must admit that those two phrases are a bit oxymoronic. It's pretty tough to truly rest when three little guys are running around day and night. Yes, at night. My littlest monkey became inflicted with his first ever ear infection around 2 a.m. this past Saturday. It worsened with each passing day until Tuesday when we were finally able to begin treatment. Poor guy is better now but that was an unfortunate start to the week.

Despite the busy home of vacation week,I am rallying!! Yes, I have managed to log some decent hours of sleep at night. I've cut waaaaaay waaaay back on my hours in the pool, on the bike and on the roads. I did have a nasty suffer-fest on Tuesday however. First, I scared my family out of the house while I busted out my power test on the bike. It's remarkable how much something like that can hurt. My quads were roaring with pain when I finished. I had about 10 min to shower and recover before I buzzed my son to that aforementioned doctor appointment. From there, I drove my weekly 1+ hrs to see my personal trainer for more hurt. She whooops my sorry butt every week I must say. She has managed to come up with a new routine for the past 5 months now. By the end of my hour with Kelsey this past Tuesday, I collapsed on the turf nearly in tears. Good stuff!!

Yesterday, I spent the day with my gang of boys whizzing 13 miles across Umbagog lake which is north of Grafton Notch in New Hampshire. We were lucky enough to experience a true day of dogsledding with beautiful and impressively strong Alaskan Huskies. It was amazing.

I'm just living my life with my kids and husband, finding fun vacation activities, and resting. I feel the spark growing inside again. I know I'm going to recover just fine from that little hole I was in.

To top the week off, I'll be racing my 2nd race of 2011 on Sunday. The Cape Elizabeth 10 mile MidWinter Classic is this weekend. It's one of the best races of the year on the coast of Maine in my hometown. I grew up running on those roads and I love going back. I hope my legs can fire up and be ready to rock out there. No no no...let me restate that. I Know my legs will be ready to rock and I plan to wear my rally cap and keep looking forward.


The Lazy Triathlete said...

It is good to rest the mind and body. It makes you want more.

Christi said...

Have a great race!

Marisa said...

Glad you found your spark!
Sounds like a wonderful week. Could you send me details about the dog sledding? I'd love to try that sometime!

GoBigGreen said...

I have been on some unscheduled rest so i appreciate your rally cap idea. I think when it matters we will rally. Enjoy the weekend:)

Kim said...

way to be smart ange and take that well-needed rest. good luck this weekend!

runningyankee said...

good luck! the dog sledding sounds awesome!!