Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cameron and Tommy's First Race Report!

Yesterday was the big day. My two little boys ran their first 5k!! I took the boys for 4 or 5 training runs before my stress fracture happened. The three of us ran easy 1 or 2 miles after school a few times. They weren't overly prepared, but knowing these two and their 1) energy level 2) natural abilities and 3) unavoidable innate competitiveness, I knew they'd be ok.
We started the day at home with a prerace meal. They downed oatmeal, yogurt with fruit, milk, hardboiled eggs, applesauce and a bowl of cereal. Yes, that's normal. My boys eat a lot. Every single meal. That's another subject....
We hopped in the car and drove the hour ride to beautiful Freeport, Maine. Freeport is almost like home to me. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you might remember me gushing over our cottage on Wolf Neck this past summer. And last summer. And the summer before. Anyway. My Grandparents used to live there and now my Mom and Dad do. So, it's like home.
This 5K is a new race put on by Maine Teen Talk. A non profit organization that teaches Healthy Relationships education to high school students in Maine. It was a fairly low key event. Perfect for my kid's first time. You might notice in the background of the pictures a barn. The starting place was at a farm. The kids ran around the barnyard before we started and watched the goats, sheep and a rather large bunny.
Mark and I were very happily surprised to see our friend Nat there to help time the event. The last time we saw Nat was in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii!! A slightly different event I must note. Only 1 month later there we were, in Freeport Maine with our winter hats and ear muffs. And just as happy.
The boys were just themselves that morning. They were excited and yet didn't seem nervous. Tommy asked me a few questions about running in the woods. Cameron was worried about starting with everyone and not just the kids.
My Mom and Dad came to watch. I wish someone had taken a picture, but I was the typical Mom. I had my camcorder. My 35 mm Cameron on my shoulder and my digital camera in my hands. I finally had to give up and put one down. I looked extremely cool when you combine that image with my large stress fx boot. yup. cool.
The story in photos:

Our family.

Pre race scene. (can't you just feel the stress? )

I'm not sure why Nick is always tipping sideways in pictures.

Mark and Nat chat before the start (note the barn in the background)

The Athletes. Ready with bibs and race clothes.
But they're still brothers who just like to 'pick' at each other...
Focusing for the pre-race meeting

Lining up for the start. At this point, Cameron announced, "Butterflies in my stomach!!" in a sing-song tune. He was quite proud to be wearing Mommy's "racing watch." You can see him (in black) getting ready to push the start button.
Littlest brother Nick rolls around on ground while big brothers get all the attention that morning.
They started off looking strong. It seemed like a long long time before they came around for the 2nd loop. Once they got there, they looked great. Tommy yelled to Nick, "Nick, take my gloves" in a serious-all-business voice. I watched them gallop off and hoped loop 2 wouldn't result in lots of walking and cramps. You never know. Cameron trotted along with Mark. Tommy, oh Tommy. He is the most spirited little boy you'll ever meet. And his energy is endless. I watched him run zigzags along the dirt road. His arms were up and down in the air. He jumped along like he was playing ball in the backyard. I smiled and knew they were doing just fine.
Mark later told me that they ran the whole time. The course was tricky. It went in and out of the woods, over wooden bridges that were at 45degree angles (boys had to reach down and use their hands a few times), they maneuvered over rocks and roots.
And get this! They negative split the race! Mark wore my garmin so he could keep them in check. The first mile was around 9:40, 2nd under 9 and 3rd mile in the 8min/mile range. I don't know exactly.
They came running up the homestretch looking fast!!! Mark let them go. Cameron took off. I am sure he wanted to finish ahead of his younger brother. But, the excitement got the best of him and apparently he wasn't' 100% focused during that pre-race meeting. (aren't we ALL guilty of That! :o) ) He thought he had to run back to the starting line instead of making the turn to run under the flags for the finish. ooops. Little brother got ahead and beat him by 1 second.
They were 4th and 5th in their age group. I think that might have been 12& U but I'm not sure. It doesn't matter.
They had a Great time and asked when they could do it again. Success.

More photos:
Final 300 yards. Cameron made the break from his little brother. He was going for the big 'win.'

Ooops....Cam missed the right hand turn to the finisher's chute. Little Brother took the lead. Despite all our yells to redirect him, Tommy got him by 1 second.

They did it!!!!!!! 30:35 and 30:36. Amazing job guys! We're so proud of you!!!

this picture is out of order....the 3 boys are coming around for their second loop. Mark wore his day glow yellow so Mom could spy them from afar. It worked! Note: Little brother Tommy is in the lead.
post race smiles....
Love the red faces :o)

CONGRATS BOYS!!!! Mommy is PROUD!!!!!!!


MaineSport said...

The big question- why is mark listening to music while stretching? Trying to get psyched up for the 30 min 5k?

Ange said...

I love that Steve! Those are earmuffs. :)not music

Beth said...

How fun!! I would be such a proud momma too. :) Congrats to your sons. Seems as if the first one was a huge success and there will be many, many more to come. :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

LOVE the boys' 5k race! I was like that when Graham did his too! SOO fun! :) Glad you all enjoyed that. HEAL HEAL HEAL that stress fx. !

Mama Simmons said...

How fun! What a great family day. :)

Kim said...

they are the cutest boys ever!

laughing at mainesports comment. thats funny shite.

Melissa said...

So cute.. they are great runners already.

Marni said...

that is so great!! I love how you have inspired the family :)

Swimming for ME said...

so is Nick going to be a runner too? What a cutie rolling around while they raced.
Good stuff here Ange! It will be so fun to look back at these pictures later.

Judi said...

you should be proud!! i love to see the kids involved in sports we love. i love to see the kids at CX races too. SO cute.