Monday, November 9, 2009

Enough of That!

I was feeling icky when I wrote my last post. The unexpected bad news left a sour taste in my mouth. I'm sure it will stay there a while.
I've had enough of it it's time to move on.
I went out side on my TT bike for the first time since Hawaii. I had an invitation to ride with a few men in my neighborhood who go out together a lot. I couldn't pass it up. I needed an extra kick to get out there. It was an unseasonably warm sunny day. There won't be many more of those.
Not only was it my first time on my Bike since was the first time my HR has gone higher than...well....low. WOAH! I had to struggle at times to keep up. And of course, my competitive ego didn't want to be dropped! No way! By the end of the ride I had a groove and I kept up with no problemo. It was nice to get out there.
Today I will swim and lift. Tomorrow....more swimming. And more biking.
I am missing the run for sure. I really really miss it. However, my foot is still sore and I must respect what that means. I will be patient and just try to feel lucky that I have hte other sports.
THis post is boring. I have to go now...time to swim. I just wanted to move on from the sour note over the weekend.
Our new Tri Club (whatever that may be) will prevail. I have no doubt about that.


Chris said...

I just read about the shop closing. Sorry to hear about. It is good that you are back training. I am just getting back after a break and it is so sad to see how quickly we lose it.

GetBackJoJo said...

New tri club! It will be fun! On the bright side, we no longer have to wear the strange purple, green, blue, fluorescent combo.

MaineSport said...

M- Yeah, but we have to buy new outfits. Ain't cheap.
A- Enjoy the swimming. It feels great to be a "swimmer" again, as opposed to a triathlete who swims.