Friday, November 13, 2009

Race Tomorrow!!!!!!

While many are down preparing for the 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater (GO JEN! GO BOB!!!! ) in Paris, Maine we are preparing for the First annual Wolf Neck 5k!!!!

Clearwater was great. I was there last year and tomorrow's event is bringing back lots of great memories.

But this year, November is my Off season. Big time. I am OFF the foot and about to go mad.


Why a 5K you might wonder?

It's not for me. That's right! We have a race morning and it's NOT for Mommy! OR Daddy!!!

It's all about the little ones this time! How fun. And for me, sad.

You see, Plan A was for Mommy to run a fun little 5K with her 2 big boys (Cameron-10 & Tommy-7). After I recovered a big from Kona, the boys and I began our training. We ran 2 miles at a nice pace a few days/week after school. Nicholas (age 5) would ride his bike along with us. We were psyched. I was Thrilled to do this event with my kids. A teeny little way for me to share my love for a healthy active lifestyle with my litttle ones. Plus, it was Perfect because it's being held at Wolf Neck...where my family's cottage is and my favorite place on earth.

But then the foot. So...I'm done.

The boys still want to do the run (not really a race). So they will do it with Daddy. And that is fine. (But I'm still sad.... next time I get it! )

GO Cameron and Tommy!!! I'll scream louder than all the other people there.

I'm already proud.


GetBackJoJo said...

Go Cam and Tommy!!!! Yeah!~
You will get it next time... :) I can't wait to hear the full race report! run run run boys!

jbmmommy said...

When my kids graduate from the kid distances, I'll be thrilled to run with them, too. (although for me it won't be slowing down nearly as much as someone like you) Hope your recovery goes along smoothly. Hope your boys have a great time.

Kennyo said...

Thats awesome... At least you got the fun of trainign with them... How is the foot?