Thursday, November 19, 2009

A snapshot of my week...

This has not been a dull week in the Bancroft house.
Let's see....Sunday afternoon the boys headed to a cool birthday party with Daddy. It was a Survivor theme. I kind of feel like I'm living my own version of Survivor right now. I didn't join them. Instead, I hit up the grocery store for what seemed like enough food to feed 3 families. But alas, it's just right for my 4 boys. (including Dad in the count.)
I went to bed Sunday night ready to hit the week running. However, 3 a.m. came along and apparently, I was done sleeping. It drives me nuts when that happens. The alarm was set for 4:30 but I was already up. 4:45 out the door and off to the pool.
I swam a strong 3000 yards and hurried home. Monday was my day to Substitute 1st grade at my kids' school.
Let me just say this. It is NOT easy to jump into someone else's classroom 25 minutes before the kiddos arrive and prepare for a day! Not at all. I think I could write 10 pages about that day. I did have fun. The kids in the room were adorable. They really are just little tiny people. However, they are busy busy busy!!! It seems that perhaps the classroom model these days is much more flexible. The kids don't all sit in their seats quietly and listen. Ahem...or was it me? I've had others tell me that it's just that way now. Of course, I am sure a big part of it was me. I was the Sub. I was, "Cameron, Tommy, and Nick's Mom!!!" I was instructed by one child how to do every single thing in the room so I would be Just like his teacher. I was even told which side of the board to stand at! Cute at first...and then...well....not so much! The kids told me about many of their trips to the bathroom, they told me each and every move the child sitting next to them made and better yet, they told me all these things in unison. Yup, 4 or 5 arms tugging on me at a time. Unreal. I don't know how teachers do it!! Seriously, hats off to you guys. It's a tough job for sure. I even had to SING! My kids were horrified when they heard this. They spend most of our car rides to swimming lessons (40 min away) trying to get me to Stop singing with the radio. And yet I went to school and Sang to their Friend!? About the environment? And bees, and plants, and animals. Oh Mom how could you??
I surived and I will go back. The kids won me over in the end. Despite being in a cold sweat with a dry mouth (drank ~70+oz of water while in there/I kid you not) all day, I had a good time and enjoyed the little ones.
After school Monday, the boys and I jumped in the car adn drove Back to the pool for their swimming lessons. (remember its' 40 min away and this was my 2nd trip that day.) And to boot, my husband had a meeting so he wasn't home at night. It was a busy day for us.

Tuesday-again. repeat. Groundhog day. I taught special ed groups in grades 4-6 instead. It wasn't as hard. That night my son had basketball until 8 p.m.

Wedneday-the day started with a swim. Again. I am putting in some serious yards in the pool.
that is one good thing about this stress fracture. Oh yes, the stress fracture. I have been feeling Better lately!! So yesterday I spoke to my doctor. I am allowed to start my functional rehab now. What does that mean? Over the next few weeks, I will be adding some running back in. First, I will walk 1mile. After that, I'll alternate running/walking for a short distance. I need to build the strenght back in my bones before I can pound on them again. It's a Start and I'm happy!!! I also hit the gym yesterday. What is the deal with the pullups!!! Why can't I do them?
I got on the machine with the assisted pull ups. A man stopped and watched me. I had it on zero assistance. I basically just hung there with a red face while I tried to heave my body up. He said, "Oh! I was wondering how you use that machine!" I laughed. Was he serious? I didn't Do anything! I'm blaming it on the machine. The handles are very wide. I need my hands closer together I think. I woudl like to try that but we don't have a pull up bar like that. This is my goal. One pull up by Tommy's birthday. I just picked that randomly. It's Dec 13th. Seems like a good time frame.
Last night at home was nice. No after school sports & no meetings. We had a nice meal and some good "play time." Tommy entertained all of us by reading stories he had written at school. The favorite of the bunch was called, "The Giant Baby." He might have a future in this.
All seemed normal until I headed to bed. I went in to kiss all the boys and when I got to Nick, I knew.
He was burning up. 102.8
I was up several times in the night to check on him and to give him soem medicine. I even saw 104 at one point.
So here it is Thursday. I didn't go to the pool because I was up half the night with Nick and quite frankly, dont' like leaving home when one of my kids is sick. His temp never went down. We have talked to the doctor and she said it is most likely H1N1. Seasonal flu has not made it's way to Maine yet. The fever probably was lower with the motrin than it woudl have been...she said it was most likely still rising. poor guy. He is miserable. He is hot and achey and he has a headache. He is so so sad. Which makes me sad.
There are 5 of us. I hope we all dont' get hit. Time will tell. For Mom hat is on. I can't worry about whether I get sick. All I can do is help the little guy feel better.
Training will happen if it fits in. I am sure I'll figure it out.
I can't wait to get this little guy back:


Pedergraham said...

Ange, I am the same way when Lelia is sick. I don't like to leavecin the morning. Feel better soon, Nick.

cheryl said...

Poor little guy, so awful when kids get sick. I hear you about the pullups. I'm determined to pick them back up this year, no more lollygagging around the pullup bar (I even have one that I bought that hangs on a door frame in my house so I can just walk by it and try to whip off a few).

stay healthy (flu and injury wise)!

Mama Simmons said...

Sorry to hear about Nick!! It really is sad to see your normally bouncing-off-the-wall kid just curled up in a ball. :(

And what???? You should totally be able to do pull-ups. You are STRONG!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

You are busy!!! I love reading about the week, its comforting to here others try to juggle like crazy as I do! Sooner than you can imagine you will be back running and pounding the pavement and winning races - again!

Jennifer Harrison said...

OH GOSH. I am so sorry, Ange. You are right - take care of little Nick. I was this way the week prior to Clearwater! Graham was soo sick...and then got strep, poor little boy. I hope Nick does ok. For graham it was 6 days. :(( I hope you guys do not get it!!!! STAY healthy!

Mary IronMatron said...

He'll come back! It'll just be a little bit. :( The fatigue lasts a lot longer than the fever does unfortunately.
BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! Hope you don't catch it too. It's not so bad for adults though. It didn't hit me hard at all-I was only down about two days.

I can't do any pull-ups, but I can do FOUR chin-ups!! I know that's not so impressive. We'll get there!