Sunday, February 17, 2008

7 Random Facts...

I was tagged by my good friend IronMatron ( the other day. I was told to write 7 Random/weird facts about myself.
Here goes:

  1. I have a tatoo (and it's not an M-dot....yet)
  2. I camped my way across the U.S. after college with a girlfriend and then lived alone in San Diego for a year. One of my odd-jobs was selling bagels--to triathletes that came in Every day on their way to La Jolla to swim and train. If only I knew.....what a missed chance!
  3. I got lost in the Bandlands, South Dakato on the aforementioned trip. I mean really really could have died out there lost. If you're not familar with the Badlands, picture drip castles on the beach. It's a park with miles and miles and miles and miles of giant drip castles. My friend and I were out for short day hike with 2 random guys we met along the way. We got off the trail unknowingly because it's just all dirt and rocks and very hard to see the actual trail. We wandered for hours and hours with absolutely No clue how to get back. I was scared. Very scared.We ended climbing way way up one of the drip castles ( you should google it and check out a picture) and then had to shimmy our way across a path that was about 2-3ft wide with probably a 200ft at least drop on either side. (I'm Completely afraid of heights.) Somehow we thought that by getting over this formation we could head back in the right direction. It was a scary day.
  4. I was a Vietnam war baby. My Dad recieved his draft notice the day my parents returned from their honeymoon. Can you imagine? I was born in January but my Dad didn't meet me until June. Every year I hear the story of him driving acoss Da Nang in a jeep with a gun on his lap to get to the phone to recieve news of my birth. My parents have Lots of 8x10 pictures of me as a tiny baby. My brother used to wonder about that. But they were photos mailed to my Dad to see me.
  5. Two of my babies spent time in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit.) My oldest son, born on his due date, was rushed there with multiple medical issues that in the end, have an unknown cause. My third son, was born prematurely via emergency c-section (scariest thing in the world, I'm with you there Mary!) and spent 10 days in the NICU. He was intubated the first night, had pneumonia, and heart issues among other things. Even my middle child was high risk for 12 weeks mid-pregnancy. I had two ultrasounds/week at that time. Miraculously, all 3 of these little people are 100% healthy. It was a vivid reminder of how fragile life is. It's also one of the reasons I say "no" when people ask if I am goign to "go for a girl." I often look at baby's face (he's almost 4 now :) ) and recall how incredibly awful it was to see tubes going down his throat, into his nose and all over his body. Once again, I feel so so lucky.
  6. Unlike many women, I can't Stand shopping.
  7. My husband's a pilot and I'm afraid of flying. Interestingly, my fear didn't come first. It's a result of being married to a pilot.

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Michelle said...

My first stop at your site. Interesting factoids. I've never been tagged before. I hope I can come up with something!

Anonymous said...

You've had some interesting to read!

Thanks for tagging me! I'll be thinking of 7 things now...

jamie said...

I got laughed at for calling La Jolla "La Jawl-lah" when I was out there. Cool facts and I'll post mine soon!

Marni Sumbal, MS, RD said...

Great blog!!!

GetBackJoJo said...

I can't believe you lived in CA BEFORE you were a triathlete! So sad! ha ha.
That Badlands story is scary. Someday I'll tell you the story of how Alina and I nearly got killed by a random drunk guy at a deserted campground in Oklahoma when we went x -country!

Ange said...

How sad! I didn't know you guys went xcountry too??? Where were we those years??