Friday, February 29, 2008

New World Record!!!

You might have been wondering what we Mainers do when blessed with 130" of snow. Do we sit inside and whine? Heck No!!! We build this: (Be sure to click on Live Webcam!)

Check her out!!! She's The world's biggest ever snowman. Or, excuse me, SnowWoman! She is the girlfriend to Angus King of the Mountain who was built in Bethel, Maine in 1998. (Named after our governor at the time.) This beauty is Olympia Snow. (named after our long time Senator)

I'm not sure of all the details but her eyelashes are skis, her eyes are pine wreathes, and she dons a beautiful Mica pendant handmade by a local. (replica of real necklaces he sells here ) She stands 122 Feet tall.

My husband owns a construction business and donated the use of his crane to this effort. We drive past her to ski each weekend. So, we have been intimately involved with her construction, as we were in 1998 with Angus. Kind of fun. It puts our little town (not my town, but a nearby town that we love) on the map.
Here's to a great winter! Even if it is a wee bit too long........


Anonymous said...

Wow...that is amazing!!!

Thanks for the swimming tips. They made sense to me, and I can't wait to work on it today :)

Michelle said...

I went to UMaine Orono for my last two years of school, and I remember those loooooooong winters all too well!