Saturday, March 14, 2009

A beautiful day

It was a beautiful day in Maine today. The sun was shining. And it was warm! I believe it was in the mid 40s. Yes, that is warm right now. It's all your perspective. It's been freezing for months so above 40s is practically beach weather.

I set my alarm this a.m. But this time it was set for 7:00 instead of 4:15. Much much better. I rolled out of my warm flannel sheets by 7:30 and took my time getting breakfast for the boys. I enjoyed some coffee, some oatmeal, and a banana. Today was my long run day. I was really looking forward to it.

Warm sun on my face. Dry roads. It doesn't get better than that.

We also planned on skiing today. So the kids and Mark packed up as I headed out the door.

I am so lucky. I really am. I thought about this a lot on my run. My husband practically forced me to sleep in and meet them at the mountain after lunch so I could enjoy my run. Thanks Hun. He's really great about this. He looked at me as I left and said, "Please...enjoy this. We will be fine. It's good for me to be alone with them sometimes." Wow. I am really really lucky for his support.

So off I went. I felt Great. Great. I am so happy about this. My running was heavy and effortful for a while back in January. It hurt. Now, it is fun. It is relaxing. (Not too relaxing....:) Dont' worry Jen.)

I just ran and ran. I ran up and down and up and down. Big long hills, short steep hills, a few flat all felt good. Nothign felt hard. I just love when I am blessed with these awesome runs. My love for the sport comes pouring back in.

I had a painless two hour run. How can that be? My new running shoes are a whole size bigger than my foot. Yes, it's true. It sounds absurd. But I have serious foot pain from Morton's neuromas. Both feet. Well, one was excised 3 years ago but I guess it must be the scar tissue that plagues me in that foot. Regardless, they burn and then go numb and then ache for most runs over 6 miles. Not today baby!!!! 14 miles of pain free running!! I was in heaven.

I thought about this and that. I thought all things over. For the last 4 or 5 miles I mostly thought about Ironman. I visualize myself in races a lot. When I'm in the pool, I often visualize myself racing the 500 in the sprint race coming up. But today on my run I visualized myself on various parts of the Lake Placid run course. I imagine seeing friends out there with me, I imagine seeing family there to support me, and I imagine myself running under the Ironman arch at the finish line. I practically get teary Now thinking about that.

Every day my training brings me a step closer. Day by day I am closer to being prepared. I will do this. I will do it well. I will do everything in my power to prepare for July 26th.


MaineSport said...

Welcome to the zone. It's a great place to be. It will be fun getting to the starting line.

Marni said...

What a great hubby you have! Swimming, biking and running are just minimal parts of Ironman training. Mental training and support will carry you to the finish line!

Zach said...

Glad to hear your feet aren't giving you any trouble. Looks like it was a great day on the slopes as well.

Swimming for ME said...

Ahhh... July. Doesn't that sound good?

Rebecca DeWire said...

I am a big believer in mental preparation, especially for the long stuff. You are totally going to rock Lake Placid.