Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It just came to me a few minutes ago. I was getting ready to put away the groceries, and it just popped in my head. I Must take a moment to say Thanks to all my support out there. Every single day, I receive support in this sport in one way or another.

I was going to sit and write today about all my training last week and this week. It's been a tough stretch. The hours are building. There have been intervals to make and heart rates to reach all on pretty dead legs. Oh, and the dog bite. Yeah, I got jumped by three dogs while on my long run. I was 6 miles from home. Three big dogs bounded out of a driveway. These weren't 'happy just to see you' dogs. They were growling and ticked off. At least that's how they looked to me! One of the little darlin's jumped up and grabbed onto my arm. I may be tough and strong but this scared me, a lot. I have often feared dogs that run at me while I'm training. Are they going to take a chunk out of my leg muscle and end my season? Come on people...keep the dogs on a run if they have a tendency to run after innocent people. So anyway, I hollered out in my panicky voice because I saw a man in the yard. He called them in and that was that. I ran away. My arm stung. I looked at it and sure enough, teeth marks and blood. I was mad. I was worried (can you get infections? ) and well, mad!!! Within a few minutes, a woman drove up to me to make sure I was ok. Apologies do go a long way. She diffused me for sure. She assured me that the dogs are usually in the garage (?huh? ) but they got out. We'll see. And my tetnas shot is up to date so no worries. I had a nice bruise to show for it but no lasting problems.
I went off on a side note there but it was a story worth telling. I will now carry pepper spray..
Yes, the training is great. I'm working super hard. I'm tired but I feel strong. I know I have many many more long and much harder weeks.

But what I want to say the most is a Huge Thank you. Whether it's support from my husband, my kids, my Mom, my friends, my nutritionist and friend Marni ( or my coach Jen (, I am so appreciative. Seriously. I coudn't do it without you guys! It might be affirmation that I hit a 100 free hard enough, or ran the miles fast enough, or acknowledgement that I am trying to keep up with everythign at home And train hard for an Ironman. It might be help planning meals and figuring out pre/post nutrition or just someone to say Yes! I am constantly organizing training clothes too! It might be my kids saying, "love you Mommy. No, we dont' mind that you aren't here in the mornings. YOu're here all day with us." All those things add up. Day after day after day.
Sometimes I 'watch' myself struggle through a day, trying to get it all done. I usually don't succeed. But huh, I do always get the training in. I do find a way to bike for 2 hours even if that dirty bed mat sits in the laundry....trying to train my little one to stay dry at night!! I watch myself waddle through this life and wonder, "how did this happen? " When did Triathlon start to completely absorb all my waking moments? Last I knew, it was 2006 and I was going to 'give it a try.' I thought I could do alright with it since I could swim and run. It's been a crazy whirlwind over the past three years.
Here I am. Heading into year four. I am proud of my accomplishments. I can hold on with the young girls out far. I'll conquer this Ironman soon. It is taking a lot of hard work, a lot of discipline, time, pushing through the fatigure, and a lot of perserverence. I can handle those things myself. But I could not make it to the starting line on July 26th without the support of all of You!!! Thank you guys!!!!!!!!!
I think of you all day to day and am so grateful.


Kim said...

ange - you are like wonderwoman to me! it's been a honor reading your journey so far, and i cant wait to hear more!

kodiacbear said...

Hey Ange--I've been lurking ever since Mary mentioned you in her blog last year. You are doing awesome and it isn't always easy but this Journey is soo soo worth it!! Hang Tough Girl, you will kick ass!

Marni Sumbal, MS, RD said...

What a great post! You have a balanced life and you are so lucky to have supportive friends and family. You are an amazing athlete and yes, you can hang with (and beat!) us "young" girls :) hehe

Jennifer Harrison said...

Ange: Happy to be part of your "team" and help you achieve your goals and MUCH more! Keep up the good work! :)) I hear you on the balance and network and having a great support team - it makes ALL the difference!! :)

MaineSport said...

Add the dog bite to the "bank." You're right- it can all be a bit consuming.