Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I took the bike outside!!!!!!!!!! I say finally, but really it's still March in Maine and anything can happen in March. I am actually proud of myself for being out there this early in the season.

It was comical. I didn't want to be cold. For some reason I Hate being cold on the bike. I don't mind it so much while running. But biking, nope. It's different. My feet freeze. My hands freeze. yuck. I dont' concentrate on riding, I concentrate on how cold I am. I live in a Very hilly area and so 50% of the time I am descending...brrr.
I am now a seasoned triathlete (I can pretend anyway..). I was going to be smart and prepared for this ride.
I waited until noon so the skies could warm up. It was 22 when I ran this a.m., 32 after dropping the kids, and at take off time: 43.
The "old me" would have been scared at that. Refused to try really. Not now. Now I am Tough! (I'm trying here.)
I got out all the warm stuff:
warm biking pants
loose running pants to go over those
a tight short sleeve thin underarmour shirt
a thicker and much warmer underarmour shirt over that
a random long sleeve warm shirt over that
a long sleeve tight fitting fleece zip up underarmour
and on top, my warm biking coat!
a balaclava
warm winter gloves
and the Best move of the day
THREE layers of toe covers for my shoes --- I do mean this one...that was a good move (remember that post I wrote about my cold feet? ;)
I think that was it.
I was pretty stiff. Not-much-flexibility
that's ok! I was going to be WARM!!!
I donned my helmet and glasses and off I went. Down the hill. See, I have to start going downhill!! A whole Mile! It can be a chilly way to start.
I was warm! Ha! I did it.
But wait. My EYES!? My eyes were watering so badly....I could barely see. My eyes were cold. Ok, suck. it. up! I was truly laughing at myself here.
I had a great great time. I did have to literally stop, unclip and turn a few corners oh so carefully as there's about 2 inches of deep sand on most of the backroads. They won't sweep for at least another month. (for the southerners...they sand our roads all winter so it's not too slippery. It's cheaper than rock salt.)
I felt so free. I was actually moving down the road! Take that 4 hour trainer ride!! Did I mention that before? Yes, I conquered four looooooooong hours on the trainer on Sunday. It HURT! LIterally. I couldn't sit, on a chair, for a couple days. Probably should get some real bike shorts instead of tri shorts I guess. Lesson learned. Ironman training requires real bike pads.
Aero was out of the question. I had too much on! I could barely bend to that position (ok I could) but there were so many clothes between my chest and my legs it just did not work.
I pedalled along enjoying the fresh air. Sweating.
My feet were warm though.
Ooohh A cop! slow down. Ha, you're on the bike dear, in your dreams.
I made it home and frantically peeled off the layers. Lesson learned. when you live in climates like this with ever changing weather, you have to learn what combination of clothing works for different temperatures.
I have different combos for running when it's 15 vs. 25 vs. 41. Same goes for biking...this was a new temp for me. I was a virgin sub-50 degree biker. I had to start somewhere!

ok, stop laughing.


Jennifer Cunnane said...

That's so awesome! YOu deserve getting a ride outside. I do not know how you survive the cold winter months for so long and then bust everyone's ass when you race. It must be all the mental training! Nice to "escape" by reading your post today!

MaineSport said...

My God! Put all that crap back on and take a picture! One thing to add to the clothes- try "overmits" so you get two layers on your hands. I wear them over "lobster claw" winter bike gloves and don't have a problem. And...duuuuh...get some good padded shorts, even for when you go outside for good. Rookie mistake. Four hours is very impressive, dumb perhaps, but impressive. Add that to the "bank" that you visit half way through the run at IMLP when life sucks.

Chloe said...

Congrats on the great ride! Wow! Watch out for the sand! If I lived in Maine, I would be on my a** half of the time because of that!

I hate being cold on the bike as well. Freezing toes? Can't feel my ears? Fingers turning numb? No thanks!

Pedergraham said...

Good for you Ange! The worst is when you start the ride at 40 degrees and finish it at 55. I always have so much extra clothes stuffed into my jersey that I look like a pregnant troll. I hope that it keeps getting warmer and they get out those street sweepers soon.

Melissa said...

lol.I wished you had a picture with all of those layers. BTW I'm doing Mooseman in early June.. Then Pumpkinman in September.. Should be fun.

Rural Girl said...

The battle is the mental struggle to get out there. After that, it's usually not to bad. Great job! Your hard work and determination certainly does pay off.

GoBigGreen said...

Good for you! I totally get it! Try sandwich bags on your toes over your socks bc when the wind goes thru the booties at least you have one more windshield!

Judi said...

balaclava for 43? OMG!! LOL!

you should get booties or shoe covers for winter riding. i use them all winter long and never have cold feet.

the suckiest part is all the time it takes to gear up. :)

and yes GOOD chamois shorts for the bike are a MUST!

my IM is a month after yours. it's SO exciting ange!

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