Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Toothpicks anyone?

That's what I need right now. For my eyes.
I am asleep on my feet.
I'm nailing my workouts right now. My motivation is high. I am kicking my own ass each day and loving it. I had a swim this morning and broke down a new barrier. I went so much faster than I have been...I raised the bar for myself. I love it.
But triathlon training is not just about the workouts. It's about fitting those workouts in and staying Awake and Functioning through real life After the training!!!

I woke up at 4:15 today. And yesterday.
I have been hunting for leprechauns today. All. Damn. Day. I kid you not. this was cute and fun at first. But now I'm SICK OF IT!!!!!
And why am I so sick of it? Because I am so so so sleepy!
I could just go to bed earlier. How? I really do try. But once all 3 are in bed, some time around 8, I have stuff to do that got neglected all day. Or maybe I just want to sit and be Me for an hour with my husband.
I'm struggling to find more sleep.
Where are you sleep? Tomorrow is a 6:00 wake up. Muuuuch better.

I know I'll feel better later. I just need a few toothpicks to get me through the rest of the afternoon.


The Lazy Triathlete said...

This is why I am the Lazy Triathlete. I only get up at 445. LOL.

Rural Girl said...

The sleep thing is hard! My problem is that I wake at 4:00 whether I like it or not and my mind starts racing with what I've got to do.

I'm glad to hear your workouts are going well. I predict another great season for you!

Swimming for ME said...

Ever heard of naps? That is why kids go to school right? So parents can take naps. Ha ha ha..... Then there are these small inconveniences called work and cleaning and laundry and.... hang in there Ange.
The payoff will be great!

IronMatron said...

Sleep? What' sleep?
That's why we have caffeine. :)
I feel your pain, my dear. You know that!
I'm psyched that you're nailing your workouts. Money in the bank.
And yes, leprechaun hunting is fun for like--10 minutes. Then it's torture.