Thursday, March 12, 2009

Don't you love it...

when you feel fast in a workout. When you start pre dawn with legs of rubber...feeling the previous day's effort, but as you warm up they start to feel strong and powerful. When you run off the bike and go Faster than before but with the same effort! When you get ansty and excited for the season ahead. When you look forward to the next day's workouts instead of dreading them. When you feel confident and ready. Ready to race. But alas....this is Maine right now. There are no lakes ready for us. There are no roads ready for biking. Please please Mother Nature...stop dropping the white stuff. We eat up winter and enjoy the outdoors but it is time for some warm sun here in the Northeast.
But I'm feeling strong and fast and excited. So I'll keep my chin up and enjoy the trainer and treadmill a Little bit longer......just a little.


IronMatron said...

I think maybe northerners are stronger mentally after a long winter on the trainer. That trainer--man--could you get more deathly? I don't know aboutyou, but I'm usually focused enough so I can't even watch TV! sigh. I agree, though, it just gets you keyed up when you realize you aren't working as hard as last week, and you're pushing more watts, running a faster pace, or completing that 200 5 sec faster.

Jim said...

You are rocking girl - looks like you will set new records this year1