Monday, March 30, 2009

Just training

There are ups and downs to training. Fortunately, I experience mostly ups. I am lucky for this. But I also work for it. I work mentally to make all my training a positive.
This past week was tough. The hours are building. At the beginning of this month, I was soaking up the rays in sunny southern California. Since then, I have logged nearly 50 hours of training. Each week, upon scanning my training schedule, I have felt 'nervous.' How could I do it?
But towards the end of each block, often in the midst of the longest and arguably the hardest workout of the week, I have felt success. I have realized that hey, this wasn't too bad.
My body had ups and downs. There were a few sore days. There were a few days where exhaustion was the word of the hour. There were even a few days that I feared an injury was looming.
Sorry. I wasn't going to let those things get me down.
I rallied. I slept. I ate well. I iced. I rolled. I stretched. I pushed and I pushed.
And now, I rest. Ahhh. Feels great.
There's nothing quite like accomplishing something that seems so tough when you start out.

This past weekend my workouts weren't easy. It wasn't so much the workout as it was the weather. I know, the weather seems to headline way too many of my blog posts. But when you live in Maine and you're trying to train for triathlons, it is an issue.
I planned all week for my 4+ hour brick...Outside!!! This was finally the week. The weathermen said mostly sunny and 50s. Great. I can work with that. No problem. I refused to get hung up on the fact that most of the roads I ride on are still Covered with sand and frost heaves. I would deal with that when the time came.
Saturday morning arrived. Ok. 35 degrees. Foggy. Rain. Um, hello channel 6? where's my sun? I heard a lot of athletes shouting out this cry Saturday morning. I waited and waited. Finally, 11:00 and I HAD to start this thing! It was only 37 and really raining. Grrrr. I was grouchy. I waved goodbye to my kids and husband who headed 20 miles North to ski. THEY had Sun all day by the way!
I decided I would start on the trainer, again. 1 hour. that was it. It would clear. And when 1 hr was up and it was only 41 and still foggy and rainy I still bundled up (Ange style...see previous post...only This time I Needed it!) and headed out. Not too bad at first. I was good. this would be ok. I chugged along for a while. But you know, my feet literally froze! I had socks, baggies over the toes, and Three toe covers for my shoes!! I hung in there for 2 hours. I was miserable. I decided to finish the ride inside and then do my run. I think you can imagine how many clothes I was going through for two trainer sessions, an outside ride in the cold, and a run. I really hoped my feet would defrost before I ran. Nope. All my toes were white and numb. SHoot I stuck my socks in teh dryer while I changed for outside.
All that and you know what? It was a great workout. I felt so so great on my run .I had to hold back. I wanted to go for miles and miles. And my biking was a lot stronger than the week before. So, success. A crazy day, but in the end I did the entire workout and I felt great.
Sunday was a long run. More crazy weather to deal with. More gear. Two hours in 35 degree rain again. I tell ya....spring? Hello? Any time now!!!
I was slow and it did hurt but I did the work. I did the run.
Day after day I will do the work. It is requiring more and more perserverence, more creativity with the family, and more and more hard work.
But to me,that's what makes the finish line oh so sweet.


Kim said...

you are a trooper for getting outside!! way to hang in there - IMLP will be EASY for you :)

MaineSport said...

I'm disappointed. You put all of that stuf on again, and still no picture! My brick was Sunday, which included running in the same rain, and had a great time!

Swimming for ME said...

Yah, I want a picture too!

Marni said...

great post! come visit me in florida anytime for the heat and wind that you are missing :)

IronMatron said...

You deserve this rest week! Congrats on powering through with the wind and rain and the last three weeks of really tough work. I really get strength from your attitude. You rock.

Chloe said...

Thanks for the positive comment on my blog! I am getting so excited!!

Happy training!