Sunday, March 9, 2008


That's how many yards I will swim tomorrow!!!! All at once!! I am not sure what I have gotten myself into but I am voluntarily joining my brother's Master's team again for another monster workout. 100x100 Woah. I just hope my arms are functioning well enough tomorrow night to write something about it!!

This has been a sad weekend for me. On Friday, my husband's Grandmother passed away. She was 103! She clearly had lived a very nice long life. She was really healthy and cognitively "with it" right until she died. She was amazing. She lived her entire adult life on a dairy farm in the Western Mountains of Maine. She lived alone in that house until just a few months ago! At 99, she had a stroke, recovered, and went home. Amazing. She was a very impressive and interesting woman and will be missed by all. It was her time. She was not happy in her nursing home and with spring approaching it would have been harder for her.

Today I took my husband to the airport and said goodbye until Thursday. I just cried and cried!! I know it's not that long. But, he rarely goes away and I am just a wimp about being without him. I am lonely already. We really do everything together. Sure, it's a workout to take care of the 3 boys solo all that time but I can handle that. We have our routine and I really do enjoy them so much that it's fine. I am just already sad not to have my goodnight hug and my mornign kiss and my friend to hang out with each evening. I know lots of wives husband's travel A LOT so I really have Nothing to complain about. I'm not complaining. I'm just sad. However, I guess I am happy that after almost 10 years of marriage and 14 yrs of being together, I still miss my man and want him here all the time. I'll go to bed with that thought.

I had to rearrange my workouts this weekend to accomodate his trip. I am usually very strict about sticking to my schedule but this is where that flexibility comes in. You do have to give in to "life" at times and do what works best for the family. I was supposed to do an 11 mile run today but I did not want to sacrifice all that time away from hubby on the day he was leaving. So, I did it yesterday. The great part abotu that was I got to run outside! I ran between storm systems. Literally. One freezing rain system left here at 6 a.m. and another rolled in at 2:30. I got a nice long run in mid morning and it was great. Today, I set my bike on the trainer in our bedroom and pedalled away for an hour or so while he packed. It was great. 6 a.m. we were up, exercising and enjoying each other's company but still getting stuff done. It worked out well.

My littlest boy turns 4 in two days. He is so incredibly excited. I am also sad that Daddy will still be out of town that day. As a result, the little pumpkin is going to have So many birthday celebrations!! Of course we'll do something on the official day, we'll have a cake on Thursday with Daddy and then a party on Saturday!! He's goign to make out just fine. I wonder what his brothers will think. :) Probably, "YEAH! MORE CAKE!!"


Jamie said...

Wow, that's a lot of swimming! Awesome. Hope you guys have a great b-day party.

IronMatron said...

He'll be back before you know it!
I think it's amazing and fantastic that you miss him... Should I admit that I like a few days of a break??? :)
I absolutely can't wait to hear how the swim workout goes!~
Happy Birthday, Nick!

cindy said...

Hope the swim went well!!