Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not exactly relaxing....

but still a great day for Me!

Yesterday afternoon was my day "off."
I started my day at 4:00 (woke up early) and then headed to the pool at 5:00. I swam an easy 2100 yards and then hurried home. I had 2 kids on the bus 45" after running in the door and then 15 minutes later, Nick and I hopped in the car and I drove Back to Lewiston for his turn in the pool. (it's a 35 minute drive. I had to do it twice yesterday a.m.) So, Nick swam and did great. Our big goal for the day was for him to get his hair wet. Nick's 4. He often gets out of swimming lessons and his hair is 98% dry!!!! I tease him about this every time. This time however, he jumped in and actually went Under the water! Yeah for Nick. He was proud and smiled at me. It's the little things.
We went from there to the store to shop for some party supplies. We got home around 11:30. I unloaded the car and then we basically turned around to get "the guys" as he calls the other two boys. I grabbed them from school at 12:30 and booked it home to Daddy who was ready in the kitchen with ski clothes on! Woohooo!!!!! He knows that part of why I'm sick of skiing is that I'm sick of the whole lengthy process of getting ready. Everyone needs 15 items of clothing, snacks need to be made and packed and then for some reason, there seems to be even more outerwear to put in the bag. So, he took over and I set my bike up on the trainer and changed my clothes. By 1:18 I had started as I waved out the window to my little gang.
Time for some fun.
I was a little incredulous that I was choosing to spend my Entire time alone training but....that's what I like to do and the time to do it without feeling guilty is rare.
I rode for 2 hours. It felt good. Not great but good. I found that I had to take in a lot of nutrition. I thought I was well fueled before I started but apparently not. I ate 1/2 power bar as I began. At 45" I had 3 clif shot blocks. I was drinking tons of water. Thirty minutes later I took a gel. I don't usually require so much fuel but I really felt like I needed it. I watched my taped 2007 Hawaii Ironman....again. Marni, I saw you!! :) Finally the ride was done. I did a relatively quick change and got ready to head out. It was tricky because I was soaked with sweat as I always am on the trainer but it was only 38 degrees outside. That's a pretty mild temp here right now but not when you're already wet. I wasn't sure what to wear.
I had a specific run from my coach that I had to do. It wasn't going to be easy. But it was my fault for cheating and adding a 2 hour ride in front of it! I did 2 easy miles to warm up and then started the workout from hell. It's a good one but it nearly killed me yesterday. I live on a hill. When I run up it to start each run it takes 4+ minutes. It's a long hill. My workout was 10x2" up hill jogging down easy between. Each interval was to be done with greater effort than the one before.
I started #1. OMG
I truly thought I might throw up.
I didn't.
I marked the sand in the road so I could see how far I went each time.
I jogged back down. In the wind.
The way up was HOT and as soon as I turned it was cold. Kind of hard to regulate the clothing for this run.
#2 was better. I went further. I can do this!
#3 still ok.
#4 Dead again. Totally dead.
I spent the next 4 having some serious discussions with myself.
"Just think how strong this is making you. Nobody gets faster without working hard. This is the stuff that makes you able to hang on when you have nothing left in a race."
Great stuff like that. I was hanging on for dear life and just dreaming about my shower and some FOOD!
#9 was tolerable but I wasn't going up as far anymore
#10 GO! I hollered to myself on the last one. I dug deep and went further than any of the others. I bent right over and panted like a dog after that one.
I trotted home and clicked off on the watch. 1:04 run. I have no idea how far that was. It was hard though.
I did 3 hrs and 34" of training yesterday.
I was absolutely toast after that.
I did have a small smoothie immediately after the workout. I was thankfully able to take a shower and begin dinner before "the guys" got home. They had a blast. It was a good day for all. My husband took my 4 year old on a black diamond trail and then wondered why he was falling down for the last 2 runs of the day. Jeez. It's sort of like riding 2 hours and then expecting to crank out a hard hill workout after!!! Duh.
It was not a relaxing day but it was My day. It was a breakthrough day. It was my first hard brick of the season. It gave me confidence.
It also made me realize how much work is left before I'm really ready for the season.


jamie said...

That sounds like a killer workout. Awesome. Enjoy this great weather we're having!

mjcaron said...

Sigh.. that is an amazing workout day.. gives me inspiration... I like to hear the gory details. You are going to do sooo well..

GetBackJoJo said...

You crazy woman! I can't believe you swam, did a random 2 hour ride... and then went on a killer run!
This morning I went swimming and then went running immediately afterward, and here I was thinking I was a goddess... geez.
You rock!

The Lazy Triathlete said...

That's a great day. I wish I had that kind of time. I am going to work from home on Thursday, so I plan on my swim at 0530 and then a bike ride. Thanks for the motivation.

Anonymous said...

Awesome training! Killer workouts make a killer athlete!! What a get way to spend you "alone time". I would totally do the same.

Well done!

Marni Sumbal, MS, RD said...

You are awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day filled with the things you love to do. Great job pushing it on the workout!! It will totally pay off for you!!!

AtlantaMom said...


(sorry, but that's all I could come up with after reading that)

Pedergraham said...

I found your blog from Katie W-Js. I'm glad to find a blogger sorta close to me (Vermont) and doing Mooseman this year.
Spring will be here soon and we'll all be out on the roads!

Jerome Harrison said...

Hey there Angela! Like Danielle, I found your blog via K W-J...your day to yourself sounds absolutely DREAMY!!!! GOOD job on all your workouts and 10 x 2' on the bike! It is still cold here too (chicago!). :) Jen H.