Monday, March 17, 2008

Time to test my speed

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

After almost 3 months of work with my coach, it's time for a new round of time trials. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a bit nervous. I want to do well!!! It's merely a way for us to see how I'm responding to the training. To tweak my heart rate zones and to make sure I'm training at the right pace. But it's also a boost of confidence if I do well or a kick in the butt if not. I find it hard to just head out and "go fast" all by myself. Especially in the pool.
Tomorrow I will do the run. I'll warm up and then do a 3 mile test. I did it back in January and my time was 20:39. I feel confident I can go faster than this. The big question.....road or treamill. In a way, I feel like I'm cheating on the treadmill. I can set the pace and do my best to stay with it. On the road, you have to get to that pace on your own and while you're running you're not 100% what pace you're going. I'd prefer to go outside and run the same 3 loops I did in January. The problem? It'll be pitch dark. My workout time is pre-dawn and now it's dark dark until well after 6:00. I wouldn't be able to see my foot placement and therefore I'd risk wiping out. I think I'll try to get outside anyway. I want to keep the test true.
Tuesday I'll do a 30 minute time trial on the bike and a 1000 yard swim TT. I am super curious to see if my swim is faster. It seems impossible for it not to be faster but again, it's so hard to do it alone. Marni? Want to fly up?
Last week was a rather mellow blah training week. I had the big swim Monday, a few short bikes and runs in the middle and then a long bike. There was nothing too interesting. I had a few days that I was pretty neutral about the whole triathlon-thing. I guess every now and then the mind needs a break from thinking about it just like the body needs time to repair muscles damage and recover. I am over it now. I'm excited to work hard again all week. I hope I can pull out some fast times.
I wish I had some interesting stories. Time to go set a leprechaun trap.....:0 )

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