Thursday, March 20, 2008



A Races
B Races
C Races

I understand this concept. I have picked my A, B, and C races. I accept this? I was at my Tri shop yesterday trying out a new saddle for my bike. I started chatting with my friend about how fast Maine's big Beach2Beacon 10K road race filled up this year. My husband and I just barely signed up in time. It closed the first day of registration! I told my friend that I am actually not 100% sure I am going to race it this year. There are several reasons. One, I am very excited about a sprint Tri the next day. For the past 2 years I have raced the 10K Saturday and the Sprint Tri the next day. It's doable but not ideal. I am very fired up about the Tri. It's very close to my home. The first year I competed I was 4th. Last year I was 2nd. I really really really want to catch this girl who wins almost every race in Maine. Plus, I was unknowingly challenged. Last year after the race, a woman whom I know from Tri racing in ME said to me, "Oh, Catherine was first? Yeah, no one in Maine can beat her." Game on. That was it. I would like to race this race with fresh legs. Second reason not to do B2B 10k is that these races are only a few weeks out from Timberman Half Iron and I don't want to have to "waste" training time recovering.
So back to the point of this post. After I told my friend that I might not run it and explained my reasons, he said to me, "Can't you just run it for fun? Can't you just go easy, run with friends who aren't as fast, and consider it part of your training?" I smiled.
Uh, NO!!!!!
He was serious.
He doesn't know me very well yet.
My husband and I have discussed this double race weekend time and again and he frequently says, "you know you can't run it easy. You know you'll go as hard as possible."
Well of course!!!!
Is this bad?
I am the first to admit that I am incapable of such a thing!
After all...this is B2B! In my Home town! And to boot, it's the year of our 20th High School reunion and there is No Way I want to have a time other than my best posted in the paper. Or worse, that night at the party have to say some slow time when someone asks me how I did!
I know. I have it BAD!!! I am so completely engulfed in competition. It's really pretty sick isn't it.
Back at the store, our conversation moved on to A, B, and C races. He never did get a straight answer from me regarding his idea to "take the 10k easy..." Never Tim, never.
So I will train as appropriately for the ABC plan. I will not peak for my June Olympic race or for the late July race. I will not even be fully ready for my first Sprint Tri in 6 weeks. But you can bet your ass that I will give every single race I enter 100% of my effort.
It is absolutely not in my soul not to go at each event full speed ahead.
I love to race. I love love love it. I get so fired up when I'm out on a course and I see someone just ahead of me. I do love to chase others out on the course. I love to kick in the speed for the last 1/2 mile and rip past some unsuspecting athlete. It's fun. It's a rush. I feel strong and ageless. I do not feel like a 38 year old stay at home mom of 3 boys. Don't get me wrong, I am Super Proud to be a stay home Mom to my amazing boys....but.....I also love to feel like a strong firey woman who can still do well in races and make her boys proud.

I'm a competitor. And if I show up to the starting line on 8/2/08, it will be to run harder than ever before.

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cindy said...

I'm not even close to your league when it comes to speed, but I'm with ya on giving it all you've got for any race!!

I love reading about your passion for gets me fired up, too!

Now I want you to be that person who beats Catherine in the Sprint Tri!! (no offense to her)