Sunday, March 23, 2008

Great workout to share

Happy Easter to all!

I had the best workout on my trainer yesterday that I just had to share. It was a fairly long 2 hour ride. It was broken down into 3x10minute blocks that were repeated 4 times. Here's how it looked:
10" at ~90 rpm
10" with 10 seconds Sprint 50 sec. Aerobic zone
10" at ~80 rpm test speed---at a fast pace that I did my time trial at other day.
Repeat x4
It was a workout designed to work on leg strength. It kept my mind busy and off the clock. I was able to ride 2 hours without feeling totally bored and brain dead from staring at the same spot on the wall.
I am so anxious to take my bike outside but the winter has not cooperated for that. The snow is mostly off the roads at this point but now they are covered with huge amounts of sand and the potholes are atrocious. Soon. I will get out of the house soon.
I had a beautiful albeit cold run today too. The wind was whipping and it was only about 20 degrees but the air was clear and the sun was bright. I felt strong and easy for the run. It was a great way to start this Easter day which involved way too much gluttony!!! Back to fruit and veggies tomorrow and I think I can honestly say I don't want to see any more chocolate for a while!!! That's right! I'm Off chocolate! :-) At least I'll try.


Rural Girl said...

Yep, the food was way overdone here in WI as well. Too much of everything! I finally managed to get my butt out the door at 4:15 for a run with about 2 lbs of ham in my gut. Will it ever warm up?!

Glad your workouts have been on track!!

melissajcaron said...

Hi Ange, I was looking for a new bike workout and now I have one from reading your post! I can't wait to get outside on the bike either! tootles.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had great workouts this weekend! Happy Easter (late)!!