Wednesday, April 23, 2008

15-15-10-10 Ouch!

I've had some really tough workouts this week and my legs are feeling pretty used up. It's a great feeling. I know that if I can keep them well fed and then give them a little rest soon, I'll be so much stronger next week. At least I think that's how this all works.

Last week I finished up my time trials with my coach with good results. Overall, my speed increased a bit with similar or slightly lower. This is good. Coach likes what he sees so we move forward from here. I moved right into a long run, long bike, some swimming of course and then a brick on Sunday. I love bricks. I always feel a little apprehensive when I start out but in the end, the run always feels so fast and easy and my confidence soars.

Monday started with 15x100 in the pool. I wanted to play with some speed. I have this sprint tri next week and I have to remember how to go fast in the water rather than just long long strong swims. They felt pretty good. I do wish I had some teammates to swim with so they could help push me along but I was able to get the pace going a bit. I held some 1:15s for a while and was pleased with this.

After getting home, giving the kids breakfast and doing some other jobs around the house, it was time for a bike. The kids are on vacation this week so our schedule is a little more relaxed. I set up the trainer (no time to get outside alone today with the 3 boys in tow) and let them watch Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Woah! Tough bike set.
15x3 minutes POE. That's parcelled out effort. Each 3" interval is harder than the next. Ideally you go faster too. Sometimes it turns out to be more effort and less speed. Coach wouldn't like that but hey, sometimes you're just tired! :)
My legs were Burning!!!!! Killer quad set. I just pushed and pushed. I was told to take 2-5" recovery between. Well, to save time and end this workout when the kids ended their movie, I had to stay at about 2 minutes. Plus, I figured this would make me tougher. It was Tough that's for sure. I enjoyed a yummy protein powder/yogurt/milk/frozen fruit smoothie after that one!

Tuesday I headed back to the pool. I love when I can swim back to back days. My stroke comes together and I just feel more powerful. Back in the old days when I was a young college swimmer, I swam 2x/day 6 days/week. I long for that feeling in the water again.
Ok, this time it was 10x200. POE again. I still wanted to work on speed but with a bit more distance. This felt good too. I brought the time down to 2:30. I was ok with this. I want more. But hey, I'm waaay ahead of last year at this point! April 2007 I wasn't even in the water yet! My shoulder was still so so weak. I am lucky to be doing this. I still have to remember that.

Last night was a hard run. My legs were really dead. I could feel it while walking up stairs, following my kids for 2 miles while they road bikes (ouch) , and just bending down. You know that dead leg feeling....I have it. I do need a rest. But, not yet.
I started out really slow and a bit worried about my ability to do this workout right. I took about 25" to warm up and then I started. 3x10min POE. Miraculously, my legs had loosened up and I felt good! I was able to work through the fatigue and push out some really good 10" efforts. I picture my competition about 15 steps ahead of me and I go for it. I imagine coming towards the finish line and "sneaking" up on them. It really drives me to work hard. I hope I can chase some fast girls down next week. Such fun.... :-)

And this morning I started my day at 4:55 with a wonderful 12 mile run. I am not sure how I did it. I started out so easy but by mid-run I was feeling just fine. I cruised along at a decent pace and loved every minute of it. My weekly run mileage is pretty low lately so I am so thrilled that I can easily run 12 miles every now and then. It really says something for all this cross-training.
My husband is aghast. He is just looks at me and says, "Are you ok?" Don't' you need a day off? Heck no!!!! This is what it's all about!! Keep on going. Stay consistent. Work through the fatigue. I will have a few more tough days and then I'm off on a 4 day trip with my husband to D.C. It's business but mostly pleasure for me. I will be alone for most of the time. Solitude. Peace. Quiet. Sleep. I can't wait. And, I'm already excited to get back home to my 3 little monkeys.

On another note...I am so excited! I got a new training long and it is actually a Multisport book! There's a spot for two workouts/day, all 3 sports, nutrition, and lots more. Until now, I have just written in my running logs. Maybe I'm way behind everyone on this but I am so excited. I like to write my workouts down in a book and not on the computer so this is awesome for me. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Have fun in D.C!

You're gonna do so awesome in the upcoming tri...your workouts are phenomenal!!

I love finding a new, good training log :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are putting in some really great training! I can teel your tired legs all the way in Iowa!! I can't wait to hear how you do in your upcoming tri.

Have fun in DC!

Marni said...

Each time you say POE I think POO! I guess I would feel like POO after all those hard sets :) Way to keep up the effort on those hard workouts! IT will be cool to see your hours/sets when you look back at your log next year!

IronMatron said...

Those are impressive workouts@! I wish I was up there to do some with you.... I was trying to push this a.m. in the pool, and it's hard to do when one is alone!

Alina said...

Dude you are going to rock this season... you are faster than all of the triathaletes I swim with hands down! You go Angela!!!