Sunday, April 13, 2008

One of the reasons I do this....

I had so much fun training yesterday. I started my Saturday morning bright and early with a swim. I left much earlier than necessary because I'm still used to winter travel times. The drive to the pool was a much nicer 30 minutes (instead of 45) so I was there early. I was so excited when the guard let us in the pool 20 minutes EARLY!!! Bonus. Finding time to swim is a challenge for me so this was great. I got to swim for about 75 min. rather than the measly 30.
The workout:
1000 warm up as 700 easy swim 3x100 a bit faster to get the body ready to work
300-400-300 w/ 15 sec. rest. I would repeat this set later and my goal was drop the times for each swim.
5x100 IM This felt great. I can finally rip out some butterfly without major pain in my shoulder. It's fun to mix the strokes up to work the whole body. I held these on 1:25
300-400-300 again--- I dropped my 300 time from 4:05 to 3:55 and the 400 from 5:28 to 5:18--cool
10x100 first 5 on 1:30 last 5 on 1:25 I was able to descend these down to 1:12 Sometimes I realize that I'm not kicking too hard. I think I have it in my head that I have to save my legs for the rest of the race but I'm not sure this is the way to go.
Fun Swim. I was excited to get in over 4600 yards.
I went home and started running around the house like a crazy person. My husband and kids are kind of used to this but they seemed a bit stunned that I started the second I walked in the door from my swim.
You see, we were having a party at 2:30. My oldest son, Cameron, received his Confirmation and First Communion last night. We were having my family and my in-laws over in the afternoon first. I had to clean the house and get all of us ready for this big event.
Finally I was done with that and was able to get out for my run.
It was sunny and about 50 degrees. Another bonus since the forecast was for a cold rainy day. It rained all night instead and the sun came out for the day.
I ran a 6 mile route that I love to do. Christian Ridge Road. It's beautiful and it's pretty hilly. I run it all the time so therefore, I Always compare my times and know how good I'm feeling that day based on that run. My husband and I also like to check our times against each other. The boys get such a kick out of Mommy being faster sometimes. So do I. :)
So, my run. I just felt so smooth. It was a nice feeling to have fresh legs and be able to hit cruise control and have some speed just come out. I ran the route several minutes faster than I have all year and only 1 minute slower than my "PR" on that run. It's nice to have those good training moments from time to time to keep the confidence high.

Today I have a long bike ride. I was really hoping to get outside but it's freezing. It's 41 degrees. I am a wimp about that. I'm not a wimp about much but I am about riding my bike in the cold.
Looks like yet another trainer day.

Countdown is on....3 weeks 'til Kick-off to Racing season!


Alina said...

4600 yards?? holy guacamole! You go girl!

IronMatron said...

Isn't it funny that Alina is commenting??
You are such a powerhouse in the pool. I want you to beat all of those stikin' pros at Timberman! I think you can!