Friday, April 25, 2008

And now I rest

I'm heading off tomorrow on a little trip with my husband. It's not a big fancy vacation. Just a business trip to D.C. We do stay in a nice place and we'll have some nice dinners but what I am looking forward to is SLEEP!!!
I am so in need of sleep.
It's been a hard week of training.
It's been a fantastic week of fun with the boys. I have enjoyed them so much. For some strange reason I feel like I've discovered this new pocket of patience deep inside me. Who knows. The little things stopped bothering me so much. It was refreshing. I am really goign to miss those littel guys. They are my sunshine. Just like I sing to them.
I will take this trip and savor my alone time. My time to sit silently. I won't talk to anyone all day long! (My husband will be in meetings while I wander.)
I look forward to returning next Tuesday with a new burst of energy.
I'm boring tonight. I'll write more next week when I am rested and full of stories.
Happy weekend everyone.


IronMatron said...

Have fun, Ange!
Can't wait to hear about the trip. Ahh.. silence sounds very nice...

Rural Girl said...

Enjoy! You'll come back rested and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the solitude and sleep :)

Melissa said...

Angie, sounds like you are so balanced. You appreciate every moment in life as it is. Even with your personal goals and lovely family you seem to handle it all with grace and happiness.

Marni said...

ahhhhhh.... vacation. What's that??? :) hope u relaxed!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy! You deserve it!